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December 17, 2007


12/17 - Roseaire A Desgagnes at Algonac State Park - Don Detloff




12/17 - Historical Perspective - Tankers of the Branch Lines, Sorel - Jacques Paul

Arsene Simard

Arthur Simard

Genesis Adventurer, Ex-Arthur Simard, built in Sorel 1973

Genesis Adventurer



Edouard Simard

Joseph Simard

Leon Simard




Ludgar Simard

L'erable No. 1

Northern Shell, Ex-Frobisher Transport



Olympic Pride, Ex-Hubert Gaucher and L'erable No. 1


Popularbranch 1953

Rodin, Ex- Hubert Gaucher


Willowbranch 1950

12/17 - Lake Superior north shore action - Sam Lapinski

Presque Isle loading at BNSF in Superior

American Integrity departing Silver Bay for Duluth after a unloading coal

American Victory in bound as American Integrity leaves Silver Bay

American Victory backing into Silver Bay

Philip R. Clarke loading at DMIR in Two Harbors

12/17 - Welland Canal Traffic - Michael Gosselin

Algosoo in Lock 3

Algosoo stern cabins

Algosoo tied up at Wharf 1

Magdalena Green in Lock 1

Wolverine in Lock 5 East,
destination Hamilton

Wolverine another view

Wolverine tied up below Lock 2

Stern view

12/17 - American Fortitude in Buffalo - Rob Wolcott

Head on entering Buffalo harbor's North Entrance.

Making the turn into the Buffalo River entrance.

Passing the USCG Station and Buffalo Main Light.

Shows the length of the American Fortitude.

Bow profile

Cutting through the thin ice on the water up to General Mills.

Rear cabins painted white in anticipation of upcoming painting of American Steamship Colors.

Snowy Buffalo day for the American Fortitude to make her call.

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