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December 22, 2007


12/22 - Detroit River Scenes - Mike Nicholls

Tug Princess at the Haridan Dock in the Rouge River.

Another view

Princess stern view

Earl W. up bound off Zug Island

Barge Mc Asphalt 401 tug John Spence assisted by tug Wyoming outbound the Rouge River between Dix Ave. and Fort Street.

John Spence

Herbert C Jackson unloading coal on Zug Island in the Rouge Short Cut Canal.

Stern view

Barge Norman Mc Leod and tug Everlast at the Marathon Dock in the Rouge River.

Closer view



Philip R Clarke upbound for the Rouge River

Passing stern first through the Rouge Short Cut Bridge.

Another view

Patricia Hoey towing the Clarke

Another view

Tug Patricia Hoey upbound off Great Lakes Steel Works

F M Osborne on the Nicholson Drydock.

Diamond Jack at the Gaelic Tug dock.

Gaelic Tug Shannon at their dock.

River Queen and tug Jenny Lynn in the Rouge River.

12/22 - Historical Perspective - Brian Wroblewski
Kinsman Independent in winter layup for the 1991 season at the Lake & Rail Elevator on the Buffalo River. This building was recently restored to operation for the new Ethanol Plant to store corn.


12/21 - Samuel Risley changing mid river buoy at Marysville - Eric Cameron



12/20 - Historical Perspective from the Tom Manse Collection - Roger LeLievre

Golden Hind and Edward L. Ryerson in Soo Harbor, mid-1980s.

Mission Point around 1959, Brookdale at left

Soo Harbor, early 1960s: John Ericsson, Eugene J. Buffington, Thomas E. Millsap

Parker Evans blows smoke in front of the Yankcanuck at Mission Point.

12/20 - Charles M. Beeghly in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Charles M Beeghly passing the upper harbor light.

Arriving in the harbor.

12/20 Saginaw River visitors - Todd Shorkey

Algoway unloading at North Star Tuesday morning

CSL Tadoussac unloading at Essroc on Wednesday

12/20 - Tow of ATL 2701 departing from Quebec harbor on Tuesday morning December 18th - Jean Hemond



12/20 - Night view of Clipper Loyalty unloading - Ron Beaupre


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