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December 30, 2007

12/30 - Alpena departing Green Bay - Matt Ludvigson

12/30 - St. Clair River Traffic at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler

American Spirit down bound.

Stern view headed  for Zug Island.

Mesabi Miner down bound for Recor Power Plant.

Bow profile

Stern cabins profile

12/30 - American Spirit down bound at the Algonac State Park - Don Detloff



12/30 - Marquette Visitors - Lee Rowe

The Michipicoten waiting at the dock sporting her new paint

Herbert C Jackson, bow view.

Herbert C Jackson and Michipicoten bows

Wide view of the Jackson at the dock

12/29 - Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent

CSL Niagara with frozen pellets

Stern view

Halifax unloading iron ore pellets from Quebec Cartier Mining.

Pere Marquette 10 in the frog pond next to Midwest Terminal Stone dock.

Voyageur Pioneer at the Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock.

12/29 - Christmas Day in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Mesabi Miner unloading coal

Saginaw loading ore

12/29 - Historical Perspective - Mike Nicholls
n conjunction with Capt. Metz's story on of the Heimbecker in the information search on 12/18, here is a picture of the Heimbecker laid up in Midland. The photo was taken on February 14, 1981.


12/28 - CSX Torco Ore Dock - Bob Vincent

CSL Niagara unloading taconite

Big Cat working the storage pile

Big Cat loading the belt to the Load Out

Torco Stacker and Reclaimer

Torco Load Out (where they load the rail cars)

12/28 - Edward L. Ryerson arriving at Escanaba - Lee Rowe

The Edward L Ryerson passing Escanaba's harbor light on a very snowy mid-day

Coming around the corner of the ore dock

Pushing through light ice

Man over the side

Weather clears for loading

12/28 - St. Clair River Traffic - Don Detloff

Maumee up bound at Algonac State Park


Hollyhock returning home

Earl W down bound under the Blue Water Bridges


12/28 - CSL Laurentien Christmas Lights - Mike Bouman
CSL Laurentien upbound at the Bluewater Bridge at approximately 11 p.m. on Christmas Day night. Decorated with hundreds of Christmas lights

CSL Laurentien upbound under the Bluewater Bridge, spot light on the boat watchers.

Close up of CSL Laurentien's Christmas lights

CSL Laurentien heading out onto Lake Huron at buoys 1 and 2

12/28 - Christmas Day on the St. Clair River - Dawn Roberts

Roger Blough

Earl W

Earl W cabins

12/28 - Tug Cleveland and Cleveland Rocks tied up on the North side of Nicholson's Slip. - Mike Nicholls

Tug Cleveland and barge Cleveland Rocks

Close up of the tug

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