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January 11, 2008


1/11 - Joseph H. Thompson down bound off Marine City - James Hammond


1/11 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

Lee A Tregurtha approaching the harbor light.

Wolverine coming around the corner of the dock.

Earl W at anchor in the harbor.

Herbert C Jackson ready to load

1/11 - Cuyahoga River activity - Martin McGuan

A view of the Alpena taken from above. Note the LaFarge cement silos.

Close-up of the bow and pilot house.


Details of her stern.

The "G" Tug Iowa is seen exiting the old Cuyahoga River channel.

The tug Kurt R. Luedtke was making its way down river pushing a barge of  river dredgings.

The Buffalo as seen from above. A portion of the old, long Nickel Plate Road bridge that traverses the Cuyahoga River basin is visible in the background. Today it is used by NKP successor Norfolk Southern.

The American Courage unloading a load of iron ore.

1/11 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

A frosty Canadian Olympic down bound

Mesabi Miner down bound

John J. Boland leads the way down bound above buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut

Canadian Enterprise with the Algorail and Voyageur Independent close astern down bound

Canadian Enterprise making the turn down bound

Algorail with the Voyageur Independent close astern down bound

Voyageur Independent

American Courage making the turn down bound

Frontenac up bound

Winter work begins on the Saginaw laid up in the North Slip

Stack on the Saginaw removed for access the engine room

Former cruise ship Duc d'Orleans on dry land for extensive renovations over the next two years.

1/10 - Twin Ports Scenes - Colt Edin

Philip R. Clarke loading at DMIR/CN in Duluth

Edward L. Ryerson at Fraser Shipyards in Superior

J. B. Ford with a tug by the stern; it appears that the tug had just finished breaking the ice around the Ford.

1/10 - Rouge River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Arthur M Anderson unloading at the Carmeuse Dock in the Rouge River.

Kaye E Barker outbound the Rouge River under the I-75 Freeway Bridge.

Stern view

1/9 - American Victory in Toledo for the winter - Bob Vincent



1/7 - Weekend traffic at the Head of the Lakes - Matthew Ludvigson

CSL Laurentien enters the harbor of Duluth

Atlantic Huron out bound from Duluth.

Presque Isle carefully maneuvering into Two Harbors.

St. Clair departs Duluth

CSL Tadoussac at dock.

CSL Tadoussac outbound from Duluth

Searchlight piercing the fog.

Picking up speed heading onto Lake Superior

1/7 - Algorail passing Point Edward - Bob Dowson

Under the Blue Water Bridges

Stern view

1/7 - Vessels at anchor off Marquette waiting to load - Rod Burdick

Wolverine and

Kaye E. Barker

1/7 - Algosea up bound at Algonac State Park, St. Clair River - Don Detloff



1/7 - Historical Perspective - Brian Wroblewski

The largest warship to ever transit the Great Lakes. The 8-inch gun Heavy Cruiser USS Macon came through the Seaway in 1959 to officially open the new waterway. She is seen here in the Eisenhower Lock. Note the missing radar antenna, removed in Boston to allow passage through the Seaway's lift bridges due to her high air draft. The ship had all sorts of problems rubbing bottom & bumping into walls on her way through due to the large size, power full engines, and the open ocean design of her hull.

1/7 - Edward L. Ryerson cutting through the early morning ice and fog upbound on the St. Marys River, Mud Lake, with St. Joseph Island, Canada in background - Bruce Beger


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