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January 18, 2008


1/18 - January 1000-footers traffic past Windmill Pointe - Alex and Max Mager

American Century

Aft cabin profile

Presque isle down bound

Icy bow

Stern view

1/18 - American Valor lays up at Toledo CSX #1 - Bob Vincent

At her winter home.

Stern view

American Victory is next door neighbor.


Workers install the winter gangway.

1/18 - Although the locks are closed, the Mesabi Miner brought coal to Marquette's WE Power Plant on Wednesday, and is expected to make one more trip before laying up. - Lee Rowe


1/17 - Late season Marquette Traffic - Rod Burdick

Wolverine at anchor, Lee A. Tregurtha departing and Herbert C. Jackson loading.

Fleetmates Wolverine loading while Earl W. waits at anchor.

1/17 - American Fortitude laid up in Toledo - Bob Vincent

Bow view at the former Interlake Iron dock adjacent to the Toledo ship yard

Classic bow profile

Stern view


Entrance ramp prepared for winter workers.

1/17 - Gaelic tugs Patricia Hoey (on the bow) & Carolyn Hoey (on the stern) moved former Boblo Island steamer Ste. Claire from its dock at the Tri-Centennial State Park, to her winter berth at Nicholsonís Ecorse. - Angie Williams

Leaving the dock.

Passing downtown Detroit

1/1 7 - Historical Perspective - Dan Hake

Alpena in Waukegan for LaFarge Cement - 2002

Entering the harbor

At the dock

Bow profile

Hooked up to the unloader

1/16 - Winter lay up in Toledo - Bob Vincent

H. Lee White



Prop with skewed blades

American Integrity at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock

Broad view

Aft cabins


Stern view

1/16 - The classic American Victory (Ex-Middletown) was still letting off steam Saturday morning, after her arrival at Toledo. - Dawn Roberts and Angie Williams


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