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January 22, 2008


1/22 - Winter traffic in Escanaba - Lee Rowe

The Great Lakes Trader waiting to finish her load while the Burns Harbor waits in the background.

Burns Harbor at anchor
awaiting her turn at the dock.

View from the city.

Erika Kobasic arriving in a snowstorm

Joseph L Block following the Kobasic

Icy bow on the Block

Joseph Thompson laid up behind the Olive Moore

Work being done on the tug

1/22 - Goderich lay up fleet - Dale Baechler

Canadian Transfer


1/22 - Goderich scenes - Dave Cooper

Algomarine loading for what should be one of its lasts trips of the season

Canadian Transfer laid up for the winter

1/21 - Algosteel with its damaged rudder being towed past Port Huron by the Tugs Manitou and John M Selvick - Bruce Hurd

Algosteel being led by
the tug  Manitou.

Passing under the Blue Water Bridges

Trailing tug John M. Selvick
 covered in ice.

Stern view

1/21 - Algosteel tow passing Port Huron. Wayne Brusate



1/21 - Earl W. loading one of Marquette's last ore cargoes of the season. - Rod Burdick

Loading in the snow

A little clearer

1/21 - Tug Batchawanna in Hamilton on February 20, 2003. - Mike Nicholls


1/20 - The Mesabi Miner unloading coal in below zero weather. - Lee Rowe

Note the steam coming from both the water
and the coal going into the hopper.

The light in the upper harbor on a frosty morning.

1/19 - American Century laid up at Toledo's CSX Coal Dock - Bob Vincent

American Century with Buffalo behind

Century's bow

Stern cabin profile

American Valor is a neighbor

Workmen already on the scene.

1/19 - Scenes From Sturgeon Bay - Matt Ludvigson
On a crisp sunny day, Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay hummed with activity as workers tended to the boats in winter lay up.

Overall view of the fleet

American Republic

Stern view - American Republic
and Philip R. Clarke

Edgar B. Speer
and Kaye E. Barker

Arthur M. Anderson
and Philip R. Clarke

Herbert C, Jackson and
 Adam E. Cornelius

James R. Barker

Another view

Paul R. Tregurtha being assisted by the USCG thru the ice in Green Bay.

Sam Laud

Sam Laud, Adam E. Cornelius and Herbert C. Jackson

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