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February 10, 2008


2/10 - More Toronto winter scenes - Gerry Oderkirk

ATL 2701

Canadian Ranger

Canadian Leader

Wyatt M. and Jarrett M.

Wintering ferry fleet

2/10 - Recent Historical Perspective - Martin McGuan
Goderich harbor tour summer 2007

The commercial fishing boat, Noscka, coming back into harbor. The Canadian Transfer has turned and is starting to back into the harbor.

Canadian Transfer from stern, getting closer to Sifto.

Bow profile of the Transfer. The foam on her starboard side resulting from use of her bow thruster.

3/4 view of the Canadian Transfer with Sifto in the background.

2/9 - End of the season offload at McMurdo Base, Antarctica - Mark Ahart via Andy Greenlees



2/9 - American Courage at the G&W dock, Cuyahoga River, Cleveland - Allen Seremak





2/9 - USCG ice breaker 101 Katmai Bay upbound St Marys River off buoy 34, passing a group of ice fishermen fishing on the shipping channel. - Chuck Parker


2/8 - Winter scenes in DeTour Village - Cathy Kohring

Algoeast downbound St. Mary's River at Spring Bay

Mackinaw at Sunrise heading up the St. Mary's river to escort a tug/barge back down.

Mackinaw heading to DeTour Coal Dock for the night.

Mackinaw pulling away from coal dock after leaving off two crew members

Closer view

Mackinaw backing away from Interlake's Dock

Mackinaw with Pipe Island in background

Arthur K Atkinson locked in the ice at Interlake's Dock

2/8 - CSL Assiniboine as it passed Vantage Point in Port Huron - Bruce Hurd

It turned off VP backed to the Imperial Fuel dock in Sarnia and was scheduled to enter winter layup next to the CSL Niagara in Sarnia's north slip.

Down bound

Passing Vantage Point

Making the U-turn

Headed back up stream

2/8 - Mid-winter traffic in Detroit - Angie Williams

Algosea upbound at Downtown

Closer view

Algomarine upbound at Downtown on a late season Goderich salt run.

2/8 - Historical Perspective - Glenn Gudz
Leon Falk, Jr. first boat to arrive in Duluth from the lower lakes, April 8, 1969.


2/8 - Check-Mate III which recently sank off Newfoundland. Photo courtesy of Frank Prothero via Gerry Oderkirk


2/8 - Winter scenes in Toronto - Gerry Oderkirk

Kenneth A

Stephen B. Roman and Metis

Toronto Port Authority yard


Stephen B. Roman

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