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February 11-16, 2008

2/16 - Winter scenes in Port Colborne - Rob Wolcott

Port Colborne winter scene of Rt. Hon Paul J Martin, St Mary's Cement II, Sea Eagle II and Petite Forte in winter lay-up.

Sea Eagle II and Petite Forte close-up.

Salvage Monarch. Tug that towed many great lakes freighters on their last Welland Canal transits

Canadian Transport and Canadian Enterprise bow to bow.

Calumet at IMS awaiting its fate. Still listing quite a bit.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin waiting out the winter.

A view of the many vessels that call Port Colborne their home, this winter lay-up season.

Algosoo and CSL Tadoussac parked bow to bow

Canadian Enterprise bow shot.

Canadian Transport bow shot

2/16 - Winter traffic in Goderich - Dale Baechler

Algomarine loading Friday at Sifto Salt

USCGC Bristol Bay tied up on the elevator dock.

2/15 - Historical Perspective - Joseph X. Roberts - Capt. R. Metz

Capt. Rick Hulst & 1st mate Peter Columbus aboard Joseph X Robert 1981

Joseph X. Robert in the Seaway 1981

Joseph X. Robert tied up on lock wall below Beauharnois Lock.

Joseph X. Robert with boiler troubles. Picture taken from Soo River Trader following.

Joseph X Robert in Lake Huron smoking

2/14 - Painting started on Edward L. Ryerson at Fraser shipyard - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

View from Conner's Point drive.

Head on shot out on the ice.

View from HWY 2.

2/14 - USCGC Bristol Bay conducting ice rescue drill in the Goderich inner harbour on Wednesday - Perry Wood.



2/14 - Historical Perspective - E B Barber at Montreal in the Summer of 1984 from the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. - John McCreery

The Barber was launched 55 years ago on February 11, 1953 and was towed in tandem with the Saginaw Bay to Vigo Spain for scrapping in 1985.


2/14 - Historical Perspective Ice Breaking off S. Chicago on February 18, 1978 Jon Paul Michaels

After loading taconite pellets at Escanaba the Str. Charles M. White encountered the Str. John G. Munson stuck in the ice 3 miles NE of the breakwall at S. Chicago. The ice had stopped them cold and they were swinging their unloading boom from side to side across the ship to break the hold that the ice had on them. The U.S.C.G.C. Arundel and several Calumet River tugs had ventured out to help the Munson. They too quickly became stuck in the 3 ft. plus ice. We were headed for the Republic Steel dock up the Calumet River and heard the radio conversations between the Munson and the Coast Guard. We swung in close to the Munson, broke them loose and then the tugs. The whole pack followed us into the harbor with the Munson going to the US Steel dock in S. Chicago to unload and we proceeded up the Calumet.




2/14 - Cleveland Scenes - Allen Seremak

Due to budget cuts Cleveland Fire Department fireboat station (#21) is occupied only when the budget allows. However the Anthony J. Celebrezze looks ready to go. It's in good condition and hooked up to shore power.
In the summer, the tug Ashtabula was docked on the other side of the LaFarge dock and looked like it was in the process of restoration. It was moved to it's current location in the fall and it looks like all work has stopped on it.


Cleveland FD fireboat Anthony J. Celebrezze

Ashtabula docked in the Cuyahoga River


2/13 - Struggling to get more salt out of Goderich - Dale Baechler

USCGC Bristol Bay breaking ice in the channel.

USCGC Bristol Bay and MacDonald Marine tugs assisting Canadian Olympic in the outer harbour.

Almost on the Sifto Salt dock.


2/11 - Toledo Winter lay up scenes - Bob & Isaac Pennock

Algosteel at Ironhead Marine (Toledo Shipyard)

American Integrity

American Fortitude

2/11 - Port Huron International Shipmasters Lodge #2 tour of Sarnia Traffic Center - Fred Miller

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