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February 18-19, 2008

2/19 - Canadian Olympic inbound Goderich - Dale Baechler

Canadian Olympic backing in from the lake.

Olympic and CCGS Griffon coming in between the breakwalls.

In the outer harbour.

Olympic on the Sifto Salt dock

Debbie Lynn returning to Snug Harbour

2/19 - Algomarine in So Chicago - Tom Milton
Algomarine, Monday evening, as she was being assisted by the GLT tug South Carolina docking in a very stiff crosswind (note ship's flag) at the 92nd street salt dock on the Calumet River. It was about 20 minutes before they could get lines ashore into the stiff wind.
One of the "G" tug captains said that the Algomarine was not going to discharge her salt cargo at this dock, but was actually awaiting repairs to bridge 5 before being towed another hour up river. He also mentioned that the salt boats plan to keep running through lay up.


2/18 - USCGC Bristol Bay down bound off St. Clair - Don Detloff




- Sarnia lay up fleet - Matt Miner

Saginaw's stern with her stack set back to facilitate engine change.

Stern view of Saginaw and McKee Sons

CSL Niagara

Duc d-Orleans up for restoration.

Duc stern view

Wood planking due for replacement.

Voyageur Pioneer

Bow view Pioneer and Wolverine

Algolake stern

Fish tug Mar-Vel-Ann and tug Menasha

Voyageur Pioneer stern and Algolake bow

Tug Invincible


Stern views CSL Niagara and CSL Assiniboine

Bow views Saginaw and McKee Sons

Bow views CSL Niagara and CSL Assiniboine

Stern views Saginaw and McKee Sons


2/18 - USCGC Bristol Bay down bound off St. Clair - Eric Cameron



2/18 - Historical Perspectives - Welland Canal, 1964 - Al Howard

Cape Breton Miner departing Lock 7 upbound.

Carl Schmedeman departing Lock 7 upbound

Carl Schmedeman stern view above Lock 7.

W. Harold Rea upbound at Lock 5

2/18 - Milwaukee lay up fleet - Jason Heindel

View looking North from the Block with the bow of Burns Harbor, the Lafarge tug/barges and the Stewart J Cort, with the Hoan Bridge, and Milwaukee skyline behind.

Burns Harbor stern & house from the Gillen building

Bow of the Burns Harbor looking south from the Lafarge vessels

Tug Samuel de Champlain and barge Innovation

Pilothouse structure of Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain/Innovation looking towards G. L.  Ostrander with repair truck from Detroit Diesel dealer from Michigan.

Unique bow pilot house on the Stewart J. Cort

Stewart J. Cort forward cabins side view

Stewart J. Cort stern structure with the distinctive #1 in honor of the Cort having been the first 1000' Laker

View of the Joseph L. Block with the house of the Burns Harbor behind

Stern view of the Joseph L. Block looking across at the stern of Burns Harbor

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