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February 20-23, 2008


2/23 - Sarnia - Dave Cooper

Algorail getting a new seal in the lift cylinder.

CCGC Griffon

2/22 - Historical Perspective from the collection of Jon Paul & Brent Michaels

A look back at a time when many varied cargoes were carried by the boats that roamed the lakes. A time when the smell of soft coal smoke filled the air and virtually everything was hauled by water transportation at some point.


Harry T. Ewig

O. S. McFarland

G. G. Post

C. W. Cadwell

George Hindman


2/22 - Historical Perspective - Ship wreck diving By Capt. R. Metz

Stern of Emperor taken in 165 ft. of water.

Starboard anchor of Emperor.

The crack where Emperor broke in half.

Forward cabin on Emperor

Stern light salvaged from CSL Kamloops

Dick Metz on America

2/21 - USCG Hollyhock in Goderich - Duane Jessup

USCGC Hollyhock clears out the channel at Goderich

Hollyhock clears a track through the channel.

2/21 - Historical Perspective - James Norris - Rod Burdick

Winter lay-up, Sarnia, 1994-95

Stack view in Marquette with whistles now removed, 2000

Turning in Marquette's Upper Harbor, 2000

At the ore dock in Marquette with Elton Hoyt 2nd and Lee A. Tregurtha in the background, 2000

2/21 - Historical Perspective Loading in Escanaba Feb. 22 & 25 1978 Jon Paul Michaels
These photos were taken from the Charles M. White during the Winter Navigation Season of 1978.

Wilfred Sykes loading as the White approaches the dock in Escanaba.

Lowering a man to the dock.

Second man going down.

Loading Empire pellets.

2/21 - Historical Perspective Escanaba, MI February 1978 Jon Paul Michaels

Str. Thomas F. Patton hammering through solid blue ice as they departed Escanaba, MI on a cold (-20f) February day in 1978, taken from her sistership Str. Charles M. White


2/20 - Hollyhock in Goderich - Dale Baechler

USCGC Hollyhock in the channel on ice breaking duties

Hollyhock in the inner harbour in some heavy ice.

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