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February 24-27, 2008


2/27 - Future Great Lakes container ship off Florida - Capt. Wm. Hoey

After unloading a second cargo of Alumina Sand at Port Everglades, the Canadian flagged, future Great Lakes container ship, CFL Prospect is seen at sea southbound off Hollywood Florida.


2/26 - Historical Perspective - Lee Rowe

A. A. Augustus from a 1938 postcard.

2/26 - Historical Perspective - Roger LeLievre from the Tom Manse collection

A. A. Augustus as she looked, September 1966, as Howard Hindman

2/25 - Historical Perspective - Scott Misener in Milwaukee, 1970 - David Robb

Scott Misener, seen from Jones Island, loading corn.

2/25 - USCGC Neah Bay arriving in Goderich - Dave Cooper



2/25 - John B Aird winter lay up in Welland - Bob Dowson




2/25 - Along St. Clair River and in Sarnia - Dave Noordhoff


Wolverine and Pioneer Voyager at Sarnia

Saginaw, with engine lowered into hull

USCG Neah Bay, proceeding up river, near Sombra

2/25 - Calliroe Patronicola leaving the port of Antwerp through the Zandvlietlock. - Chris Rombouts



2/24 - Sarnia Scenes - Wayne Brown

CSL Niagara in North slip.

CSL Assiniboine rafted to CSL Niagara.

Algolake at government dock

McKee Sons rafted to Saginaw in North slip.

Voyageur Pioneer rafted to Wolverine at Cargill.

Tug Invincible moored at Cargill

Algosar upbound from Sarnia

Passing Ft. Gratiot Light

Headed to the Soo

Saginaw engine replacement in Sarnia.

Temporary stack relocation.

New propeller shaft

Propeller gone for refurbishment

New engine sitting at Cargill. It weighs 90 tons.

2/24 - Goderich visitor - Dale Baechler

Canadian Olympic on the Sifto Salt dock.  Debbie Lynn returning to Snug Harbour.

2/24 - USCG Tug Neah Bay - Ed McGraw

1-NeahBay-02-23-08-ejm.jpg (118600 bytes)
Ice Breaking Tug Neah Bay up bound for ice duty in Lake Huron, passing Point Edward.

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