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February 28-29, 2008


2/29 - Historical Perspectives - Roger LeLievre

Ford’s Ernest R. Breech passes a saltie off DeTour in 1973.

Cliffs’ Walter A. Sterling at Mission Point in 1971

Arthur B. Homer in the St. Marys River in the 1970s.

Ahh, the old days – George G. Crawford smoking up a storm around 1968.

2/29 - Historical Perspective - Wyandotte Chemical Fleet 1960’s from the collection of Jon Paul and Brent MichaelsAs a lad growing up the Wyandotte Chemical Fleet was always one of my favorites. With their green hulls, white cabins and the silver and black stack with the red Wyandotte Indian logo they were a familiar sight as they traveled from their chemical plant in Wyandotte MI to points north on the lakes. With some of the first self unloaders built as such on the lakes they were a unique fleet that sadly was lost in the era of Seaway size lakers and thousand footers.





2/29 - Algoeast downbound on the Detroit River on Thursday - Ken Borg



2/28 - Historical Perspectives - Rod Burdick
Great Lakes Fleet AAA's in Marquette (1989) before bow stripes were painted.

Arthur M. Anderson

Cason J. Callaway

Philip R. Clarke

2/28 - Algosteel moved in Toledo - Ron Piskor
On Saturday, the Algosteel was moved from the dry dock at the Toledo Shipyard. Two "G" Tugs attempted the move into a river jammed with wind driven ice.  The Algosteel was moved from the shipyard to her winter mooring at the Port Authority in Toledo. The two "G" tugs struggled all afternoon and into the night.

Nebraska on the bowline and throttled up.

The Idaho takes the stern line and attempts to swing the Algosteel back into the track the two tugs previously cut into the river.

Once the laker is turned, the Nebraska drops the bowline and cut tracks around the perimeter of the boat to allow the Idaho to pull the Algosteel backwards into the track for a running start at the jammed Maumee River.

The Nebraska breaks a track next to the Idaho which is throttled up on the stern line.

Nebraska cuts a track around the perimeter of the laker's hull.

Pushing a wave of water and ice at the Idaho.

Nebraska back on the bowline, it is the Idaho's turn to keep a track open as they inch toward the open swing bridge.

Idaho works to keep a track open

Another view

The sun is still high, however it had set before the tow reached the open Wheeling bridge.

2/28 - Toledo Winter Lay Up - Bob Vincent

Stern of Algosteel tied up at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock

Bridge view of the Algosteel

Buffalo and American Century at Toledo Docks

American Valor and American Victory at Toledo Docks

Toledo Docks, American Victory and American Valor

2/28 - Historical Perspective - Bob Vincent
Sylvania loading coal at #4 Coal Machine in Toledo - 1980

Note Huletts in the background

Stern view

2/28 - Edward L. Ryerson Painting - Chris Mazzella

Edward L Ryerson at Fraser

Painters at work with rollers

Progress on the Port side

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