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March 1-3, 2008

3/4 - Port Colborne on Sunday - Wayne Brown
Windoc3-2-8wb1.jpg (58413 bytes)
Windoc ballasted down at the bow .
Windoc3-2-8wb.jpg (76881 bytes)
Close up of stern work.
Soo3-2-8wb.jpg (63191 bytes)
Algosoo at Lock 8,
Forte3-2-8wb.jpg (72957 bytes)
Tugs Petite Forte and Sea Eagle II.
St.Marys3-2-8wb.jpg (52707 bytes)
Barge St. Mary's Cement II.
Tad3-2-8wb.jpg (89094 bytes)
Tadoussac at Lock 8.
Martin3-2-8wb.jpg (45496 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin.
Trnsprt3-2-8wb.jpg (65639 bytes)
Canadian Transport.
Entrprs3-2-8wb.jpg (67044 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise.
Evrst3-2-8wb.jpg (57625 bytes)
D.C. Everest..
Clumt3-2-8wb.jpg (47008 bytes)
Calumet at Marine Salvage.
Clumt3-2-8wb2.jpg (83275 bytes)
Close up of Calumet bow and stern.
Clumt3-2-8wb1.jpg (66749 bytes)    
Port Weller on Sunday morning - Wayne Brown
Progrss3-2-8wb.jpg (80356 bytes)
Canadian Progress in Port Weller dry dock.
Weller3-2-8wb.jpg (68870 bytes)
Photo of both, notice canal is drained.
Montrls3-2-8wb.jpg (94680 bytes)
Montrealais at Port Weller dry dock in the building berth.
Hamilton on Sunday morning - Wayne Brown
Isle-3-2-8-wb.jpg (66081 bytes)
Algoisle at wharf 10-5.
Bay-3-2-8-wb1.jpg (74084 bytes)
Algobay at wharf 10
Bay-3-2-8-wb.jpg (112637 bytes) Norris-3-2-8-wb.jpg (80170 bytes)
James Norris at wharf 10


3/4 -  
Bringing Algomarine's bow anchor ashore - Ed. Saliwonchyk
amar-3-2-08-es.jpg (64155 bytes)        

3/3 - A few photos taken in Toledo. - Violet M. Bostwick

American Century

American Valor

Another angle


American Victory

3/3 - Canadian Olympic passing under the Blue Water Bridges headed to Sarnia for lay up - Roger LeLievre



3/3 - CCGC Griffon and Algomarine in Owen Sound -
Ed. Saliwonchyk

CGGC Griffon on her first pass up Owen Sound Bay

Griffon just about to enter the inner harbour.

Griffon turning in the inner harbour

Griffon standing by in the turning basin as Algomarine eases past Agawa Canyon.

Algomarine churning up water and ice as she pulls along side the east harbour wall

3/3 - Historical Perspective - Al Howard

Aquarama on her last trip down the Welland Canal passing under Skyway bridge at Homer bridge.
3/2 - Historical Perspective - Selim San via Peter Hartung
Aquarama/Marine Star scraping in Aliaga, Turkey. Other pictures appeared in the November 22, 2007 News Photo Gallery.

In Aliaga, Sept. 21, 2007.

Aquarama in her better days in Detroit - 1956


3/1/08 - Raising the pilothouse on the tug Victory - Dick Lund
The pilothouse of the tug, Victory, which will eventually push the Reserve, was removed on Wednesday, February 26. On Thursday, an 8-foot extension was welded to the bottom of the structure, and by Friday, the new, raised pilothouse was re-attached to the tug.

A crane is alongside the Victory, ready to lift the pilothouse on Wednesday

Close-up of the pilothouse

Close-up of the final cut before the structure is lifted

The pilothouse is lifted clear of the tug

Lowering to the ground begins

Close-up of the removed pilothouse

The tug minus its pilothouse

The pilothouse is lowered to the ground alongside the tug

An 8-foot extension is welded to the bottom of the pilothouse on Thursday.

Dockside view of the tug with the newly-raised pilothouse

Close-up of the new extension

Side-view of the Victory's new profile from across the Menominee River



3/1/08 - Historical Perspective - Rod Burdick
During the summer of 1989, Sauniere, which normally trades on the east coast, carried salt on the Upper Great Lakes.

Clearing the Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron

Sailing under the Mackinac Bridge
3/1 - Algomarine at the Osborne Dock #1 in the Rouge River in River Rouge, Mi after unloading salt on Feb 29 - Ken Borg  

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