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March 5-7, 2008

3/7 - Historical Perspective - Historical Perspective – Spring Ice Breaking on Whitefish Bay March 1994 - USCG Lt. Cmdr. Brent Michaels, Retired
A “Big Mac” attack in the upper St. Mary’s River and Whitefish Bay

Philip R. Clarke

Arthur M. Anderson
 & Edgar Speer

Arthur M. Anderson

Joseph Block

Mackinaw in turning basin, Cheboygan MI

Mackinaw turn completed aligned for dock, mission accomplished

3/7 - Great Lakes Group new "Handysize" tug completes successful trials in Lake Erie

3/7 - Historical Perspective - Train ferry Chief Wawatam breaks spring ice, year unknown. - Roger LeLievre from the Tom Manse collection


3/7 - Canadian Olympic arrives at Sarnia for lay up - Jay Dupuie

Down bound at the Black River

Turning in front of Vantage Point


Broadside in the river

Headed back into Sarnia Harbor

3/7 - Algosea lays up in Sarnia - Jay Dupuie

Headed up river

Anchor ready to drop

Tied up next to Algorail

Stern cabins

3/6 Detroit/Windsor winter lay ups - Bob & Isaac Pennock

Manistee at Nicholson's in River Rouge

Maritime Trader at ADM in Windsor

Voyageur Independent at Morterm in Windsor

Barge PML 9000 and Tug Salvor at Morterm in Windsor


3/5 - CSL Assiniboine in February heading to Chicago - G. Gilpin

cslassiniboine -2-08-gg.jpg (63924 bytes)

cslassiniboineb -2-08-gg.jpg (29954 bytes)

cslassiniboinec -2-08-gg.jpg (102413 bytes)

3/5 - Historical Perspective - CSL's Steamer Stadacona - Rod Burdick

1_Stadacona_84_rb.jpg (52411 bytes)
Departing Marquette, 1984

2_Stadacona_89_rb.jpg (89961 bytes)
At the Soo Locks, 1989

3_Stadacona_89_rb.jpg (84409 bytes)
Loading ore in Marquette, 1989

3/5 - Historical Perspective - Mystery Boat - Roger LeLievre

mysteryshot2-08-rl.jpg (63105 bytes)
Envelope says Davidson Drydock Bay City 1880. Maybe someone will know what boat it is. Looks like some kind of banner is covering the name.

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