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March 8-11, 2008


3/11 - Historical Perspective - Aftermath of the wreck of the Sidney E. Smith, Jr. believed to have been taken from the William G. Mather - Les Weston from the Cleveland State University, William G. Mather Collection

3/11 - Point Edward/Sarnia winter lay up fleet - Marc Dease.

Voyageur Pioneer and the former Wolverine soon to be Robert S. Pierson at the elevator in Sarnia.

Wolverine has had her named painted out as she will soon be renamed Robert S. Pierson.

Saginaw and McKee Sons on a cool, clear winter day in Point Edward

3/11 - Cutter Mackinaw down bound St. Marys River at Mud Lake after assisting the Cutters Mobile Bay and Biscayne Bay rescue the PML tugs Wilfred M. Cohen and Salvor with barge PML #900 that were up bound for Soo Ontario.- Bruce Beger


3/11 - Historical Perspective - Les Weston
Photo showing forward end damage to the Charles Hubbard. May be the same damage as discussed on the Regional Page.


3/10 - A tour of Wheatley and Kingsville - Mike Nicholls

Fish tug AD CO II inbound Wheatley, Ontario

Fish tug Jack's Queen at Wheatley.

Pelee Flyer I at Hike Metal Products

Fish tug San Vito at Kingsville.

Fish tug Harry Purvis at Kingsville

Stern view

Fish tug Pelee Clipper at Kingsville

Tanker Cemba at Kingsville

Cemba Stern view

3/10 - Historical Perspective - Marc Vander Meulen - Collected Images - Photographer and dates unknown

J. L. Reiss in the 1960's. She would become the Sidney E. Smith Jr. in 1972.

Another image of the J. L. Reiss taken in the fall of 1969.

Hull of the Smith, apparently shortly after collision and sinking in June 1972. Note the trailing lifeboat and that the hull seems intact.

Hull of Sidney E. Smith Jr. with Tom M. Girdler passing and Eskimo in the background at the Canada Steamship Lines Point Edward freight depot (now the casino). Hull now appears fractured and has warning signs attached. The Smith's hull now forms the Sidney Smith dock in Sarnia.

3/10 - Reserve snow sculpture in Duluth - Andrew Constans

Bow view

Stern view

3/9/08 - Bronte Harbor Dredging - Gerry Ouderkirk
McNally Construction Co. is currently involved in dredging Bronte Harbour, on Lake Ontario 12 miles west of Oakville, using the tug Greta V., which they acquired from McKeil last year, and the barges McNCo. No. 20, McNCo. No.27, and the mud scow Gunnar 151.

Overview of the operation

Greta V hard at work

Greta V profile

3/8/08 - Historical Perspectives - Roger LeLievre from the Tom Manse collection

Mystery boat taken at the Soo. May be from the 1950's based on clothes. Could be an Interlake boat judging by the stack.

Steamers Lemoyne (left) and Royalton in St. Marys River ice, early 1960s.

USCGC Kaw breaking ice off the Lime Island Coal Dock in the St. Marys River, year unknown.

Kaw profile

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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