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March 17-21, 2008



3/21 - Opening Day at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Canadian Progress up bound on her way to Lock 3.

Under Garden City Skyway and approaching Homer Bridge

Canadian Progress Captain Randy Smith and Chief Engineer Bernard Begin

CSL Tadoussac above Lock 7-waiting for Canadian Progress transit

Lac Manitoba above Lock 7 going to Lock 5 West to pick up work scow

Vigilant 1 would clear ice above Lock 7

3/21 - CSL Tadoussac waits above Welland Lock 7 for ice to be flushed out of the lock on opening day - Al Howard


3/20 - Mesabi Miner opening Marquette - Rod Burdick

Unloading coal into the hopper

3/20 - Canadian Leader at Toronto - John McCreery
The Mckeil tugs Jarrett M and Wyatt M are nestled by the Cherry St. Bridge having brought the Canadian Leader back from the unloading of her sugar cargo.

Canadian Leader back in layup, having been returned by the tugs, after unloading of her sugar cargo. The stern of Algocape appears in the background.

Wyatt M and Jarrett M by the Cherry Street Bridge, Toronto.

Another view with the Canadian Leader in the background.

3/21 - First day of Spring in Sarnia - Edward Schuyler

Blue Water Bridge with a lot of ice coming down the St. Clair River from Lake Huron

McKee Sons rafted to the Saginaw at the North Slip in Sarnia, ON.

Canadian Olympic rafted to Algolake at the Government Dock and Wolverine (renamed
Robert S. Pierson) and Tug Invincible at the Cargill Elevator in Sarnia, ON.

Algorail at the Sidney E. Smith Dock in Sarnia, ON

Homeport of the USCGC Hollyhock Port Huron MI

3/19 - Owen Sound/Goderich scenes - Wayne Brown

Algomarine tied up in Owen Sound for a well deserved rest.

Halifax in ballast with steam up- ready to leave Goderich and start another season.

CCGC Samuel Risley standing by in Goderich harbor- ready to break out the Halifax.

CSL Niagara-first boat of the 2008 season tied up in the outer harbor waiting for the Halifax to depart before shifting over to Sifto.

Bow of CSL Niagara showing ice piled up.

3/19 - Mesabi Miner is the first visitor of the new season to Marquette - Lee Rowe


3/18 - USACoE tug Demolen - Ron Piskor
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tug Demolen is currently in drydock at the Toledo Shipyard for propshaft repairs. This is the tug that replaced the Forney which served the Corps for many years in the Detroit area. The tug was named after James C.Demolen who served in the Corps of Engineers for 33 years before retiring in 1991. James never got to see the tug that was to have his name painted on it's bow and stern - he passed away the evening the new boat was delivered to the Detroit Corps Office.

Demolen in drydock slip at Toledo Shipyard

Stern view showing prop shaft with propeller sets in upper right corner

Stern view photographed from drydock gate

3/18 - Samuel de Champlain/Innovation up bound passing Detroit - Deborah Paalanen




3/18 - Historical Perspective - Sean Whelan
A photo history of the South Shore

1945-1973 as a ferry to Put-In-Bay for the Miller Boat Line.

1973-1999 as a Beaver Island ferry running out of Charlevoix.

Returning to Charlevoix

Loaded and ready for another run

1999- as a storage vessel for Shoreline Cruises of Chicago.

3/17 - Returning from ice breaking work in Whitefish Bay, USCG Mackinaw passed downbound the St. Mary's River at Pointe Louise Sunday evening. - D. G. Grattan

Mackinaw making the turn down bound at Pointe Louise in the the upper St. Marys River.

A view of the Mackinaw's uniquely shaped stern.

3/17 - CSL Niagara opens '08 shipping season in Goderich - Dale Baechler

CCGS Samuel Risley works the inner harbour.

CSL Niagara waiting on the new harbour dock.

CCGS Samuel Risley breaking ice in the inner harbour near Halifax.

First ship of the 2008 shipping season, CSL Niagara on the Sifto Salt dock, with the tug Ian Mac close by.

3/17 - Burns Harbor in Escanaba - Scott Best

Side view loading ore.

Closer view.

Wide view with Joe Thompson and Great Lakes Trader on South side of ore dock.

Close up of the loading rig loading ore into the Burns Harbor.


3/17 - CSL Assiniboine at Algonac State Park - Don Detloff



3/17 - Buffalo scenes that may be related to the latest "Mystery Boat" photos - Brian Wroblewski

This photo shows the Southern most blast furnace at Union Furnace Co. as seen from the South Wing Wall dock face at the Concrete Central grain elevator looking West on the Buffalo River from Turning Basin #1.

A shot showing the Union Furnace Co. to the left side of the photo. If you look close, you can see a ship's bow docked at the Concrete Central at the extreme left of the shot. One of the 2 Blast Furnaces can be seen along with their orientation to the ore docks. Also note the absence of the Lake & Rail elevator, on the turn of the river near the left-center of the shot. The cluster of buildings at center will soon become the new Ethanol Plant. The now demolished Delwood elevator can be see top-center.

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