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March 22-23, 2008

3/23 - Sarnia Lay-up Fleet Saturday - BoatNerd Staff
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3/23 - Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay working to finish off maintenance on the boats while in layup. With the shipping season reopening, many of the boats appeared ready to leave. - Matt Ludvigson

Philip R. Clarke releases steam.

Wilfred Sykes ready for the season.

The new Arcelor Mittal logo decorates her stack.

Snowmobilers find the ice in the channel thick enough to observe the boats.

Kaye E. Barker with anchors hoisted and the Charles M. Beeghly.

The Selvick tugs, ready to perform their duties.



3/23 - Season opening traffic passing Algonac State Park - Don Detloff

CSL Assiniboine down bound

Cason J. Callaway up bound

3/23 - Malcolm Marine's tug Manitou getting ready to depart Manitowoc, WI, with load of pipe bound for Montreal. - Diane L. Hasler


3/23 - A floating bollard in the lock wall along the Danube River in Romania. This is a better solution to the ‘vacuum idea’ of maintaining a ship’s position in a lock. - Robert Sapita


3/23 - Historical Perspective - USCGC Westwind - Jim Byrne
Taken from the down bound Corps of Engineers Tug Hammond Bay, bound for Toledo.


Westwind up bound in the upper Livingstone Channel, Detroit River. April, 1977

Stern view , upbound approaching Lights 25 and 26, Livingstone Channel, Detroit River. Note old Light structure at LT 25.

3/22 - Opening Day at the Welland Canal - Phil Nash

Tug Vigilant 1 waiting in Lock 7.

Vigilant 1 departing Lock 7 upbound.

Vigilant 1 outbound from Lock 7 approaching the CSL Tadoussac who is waiting to lock down bound.

Canadian Progress being raised in Lock 7.

The bow of Canadian Progress along with some ice.

Gates are opening.

Flags on the bow of the Progress.

Progress departs Lock 7 along with some ice as workers start the bubbling system in front of the ship to help clear the ice.

Along for the ride with the ice were several pieces of lumber probably left over from the lock's winter maintenance.

Relaying to the bridge the distances as they head out of the lock.

Stern of the Progress.

 The Calumet wintering at Wharf 11 in the Welland Canal, recently received a new paint scheme as she was the former David Z.

Tugs Petite Forte and Sea Eagle II tied up at Wharf 17 in Port Colborne, Ontario.

Remains of the Windoc at Port Colborne.

Tug John Spence and Barge McAsphalt 401 at Port Colborne.

Night shot of the Tug Petite Forte.

3/22 - Ice breakers CCGS Martha L. Black and USCGC Penobscot Bay working the St. Lawrence River - Ron Beaupre

Martha L. Black

Stern view

Penobscot Bay

Stern view

3/22 - Voyageur Pioneer / Kaministiqua dry dock at Sturgeon Bay - Michael Rodaway

Speer alongside Sturgeon Bay shipyard.

Construction of the Petrochem Producer continues astern of the Kaministiqua in the dry dock.

A section of the Petrochem Producer being lowered into the dock.

Petrochem Producer & the Kaministiqua sharing the dock.

Ice filled bow thruster tunnel.

Just about ready to start painting

The Second Mate gives some scale to the picture. He is 6'7".

A good view of her Kort nozzle.

No time is lost in stripping the colors off of her. But spots of her original Saskatchewan Pioneer yellow still show through on the bulwarks.

Former Voyageur Pioneer ready to start a new life.

Good by Voyageur Pioneer. Hello Kaministiqua

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