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March 30, 2008


3/30 - Edward L. Ryerson down bound at the Algonac State Park - Don Detloff

3/30 - Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

Lac Manitoba, OB185 & Manitou approaching lock 7

Side view of Manitou

Stern view of barge OB185

 Stern view of Manitou entering lock 7

 Close up view of cargo

Stern view at wharf 1

Side view of cargo

 Side view at wharf 1

Stern view of Pineglen & CSL Laurentien

3/30 Sturgeon Bay Scenes - Scott Best

Tugs move the Boland into the dock at BayShip.

Another view with Sykes in background.

William C Selvick returns to the tug dock after helping move the Boland.

Close up of freshly painted bow with new name.

Full side view from across the Ship Canal.

Close up of stern and deckhouse.

Another view looking good in the graving dock.

3/30 - St Clair River and Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Roger Blough at Vantage Point

Stern profile

Cason J Callaway at Windmill Pointe

Stern View

Algoisle at Marine City

Passing the Marine City ferry Daldean

American Spirit entering the St Clair river

Stern view

3/30 Edward L. Ryerson downbound just south of the Blue Water bridges. The river is filled with ice from Lake Huron. - Mary Tallant


3/30 - Edward L. Ryerson on her first trip of the new season passes by DeTour Friday evening. Shiny as a new penny with new paint job. Long and loud, 3L-2S echoed across the bay. Steam bursts from her stack show evidence of her salute


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