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April 2-3, 2008

4/3 - Cason J. Callaway arriving at Sturgeon Bay - David Sweere





4/3 - Clipper Leander at Petro Canada in Clarkson - Frank Hood



4/2 - Scenes from Toledo's CSX Coal Dock - Bob Vincent

Cuyahoga under the coal loader

Flying the company colors

Cuyahoga on her way

Buffalo getting ready to sail

American Valor in her new colors

Paint crew doing some last minute work.

4/2 - Algolake stuck in the ice at call in point Johnsons Point / Sailors encampment on the St Marys River at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Biscayne Bay assisted in freeing the Algolake. - T. Parker



4/2 - Edward L. Ryerson passing Point Edward - Jeff Mast


4/2 - New stack marking on the Joseph L. Block - Kevin Haggi


4/2 - Agawa Canyon heading down Owen Sound Bay - Ed. Saliwonchyk


4/2 - Alpena tying up along the Presque Isle on the West Pier in Sault Ste Marie, due to the weather - Joe Wilmes

Alpena coming out under the International Bridge

Slowly passing the Presque Isle

Stern to stern

4/2 - Point Edward and Goderich scenes - Wayne Brown

Edward L. Ryerson coming down through the ice at Point Edward.

Stern view of master's salute while passing under the Bluewater bridge for the first time of the 2008 season.

Algowood coming down through the ice at Point Edward.

Algoisle loading grain at Goderich

4/2 - St. Clair River traffic - Bruce Hurd

American Courage upbound off Vantage Point

St Clair upbound off Vantage Point

Robert S Pierson backing down the River to the Imperial Dock

Robert S Pierson's Stack and pilot house

Missisagi upbound off Vantage Point

Algosar upbound off Marysville

Canadian Leader downbound near the old Port Huron Bean Dock

Manitowoc downbound just south of the Blue Water Bridges

American Century downbound coming out of Lake Huron

4/2 - Point Edward/Sarnia traffic - Marc Dease

Robert S. Pierson departing her winter berth at the Cargill Elevator in Sarnia

Fighting gale force winds as she backs down to the Imperial Oil fuel dock

Manitowoc down bound at buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut.

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