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April 6, 2008


4/6 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

American Valor at the dock

Calumet arriving in the harbor

Approaching the dock

Kaye E Barker loading

4/6 - John G. Munson loading coal in Toledo - Bob Vincent

John G. Munson backing under the coal machine

Lowering a man onto the dock wall

Safely ashore

Boat is done loading, apron going up

Closing the hatches and heading out

Heading for River Rouge

4/5 - Traffic at Kahnawake - Kent Malo

Tug Manitou and barge

Tug Manitou, with barge and reels for Nigeria, to be off loaded at Montreal, and transferred to the Canadian platform supply/ dive support ship" Thebaud Sea" which is presently at Halifax, Nova Scotia. The reels contain 3 km of "Deepflex" the pipe is flexible and specially reinforced and armored for undersea work, The "Thebaud Sea" is under charter to Cecon ASA Norway

Vigilant 1, stern tug on the barge OB 185 being pulled by the tug Manitou

USCGC Penobscot Bay, heading for Cote Ste Catherines Wharf and await traffic that needs escorting through the South shore canal.

4/6 - Group Ocean tugs working to pull the MCS Sabina off the mud bank - Kent Malo

4/6 - Halifax down bound at Port Huron - Don Detloff



4/6 - ELR arrives in Duluth - Matt Ludvigson

Edward L. Ryerson arrives at Duluth

Inside the piers

Blowing a steamy salute

The Ryerson steams under the Duluth Lift Bridge

4/6 - H Lee White moves past the Lorain lighthouse on its way to the RTI dock with a load of limestone - Jack Tiller


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