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April 12-13, 2008


4/13 - Welland Canal Traffic - Bob Dowson

LS Jacoba at Port Robinson

Stern view

Federal Rhine at Port Robinson

Federal Rhine Stern view

Mississagi at Lock 2

Stern view

Federal Rhine with Algontario at Lock 7

Federal Rhine at Lock 7

4/13 - Burns Harbor up bound at Marine City - Don Detloff


4/12 - Hamilton Traffic - John McCreery

Edward L. Ryerson being unloaded at Dofasco

Hamilton Energy along side to refuel the Ryerson while unloading continues

Algoisle arriving with ore for Dofasco

Stern view as she passes under the Skyway Bridge

4/13 - Welland Canal Traffic - Michel Gosselin

LS Jacoba approaching Bridge 4 upbound

Funnel of LS Jacoba

Mississagi approaching Lock 1

Federal Rhine heading to Lock 7.

Preparing to tow Canadian Prospector out of dry dock.

Half way out

Radium Yellowknife doing the pulling

Close up of tug

Close up Prospector

4/12 - T
he tug Victory moving into the notch of the James L. Kuber. - Dick Lund
The pair were scheduled to depart around noontime Wednesday, but a few last minute adjustments and a mounting weather system kept them in port Thursday and Friday.

Photo of Victory at dock from across the river

Dockside photo

Victory backs away from dock

Passing the Lewis J. Kuber

Turning in toward the dock

Heading in toward the James L. Kuber

Turning in toward the James L. Kuber's notch

Sliding into the notch

Ready to go, but weather & problems kept them dockside

Close-up of the tug in the notch


4/12 - Robert S. Pierson in Marquette - Rod Burdick



4/12 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

American Mariner loading coal at CSX Toledo Docks

Ship loader view looking aft

Tug Dorothy Ann & Barge Pathfinder unloading ore at CSX Torco

View of the unloading boom on the barge Pathfinder

4/12 - Emerald Star transiting the Burlington Canal during a foggy evening. She's heading out to Lake Ontario and her destination is Montreal. - Michel Gosselin



4/12 - Edward L. Ryerson arriving at Hamilton - David Rees


4/12 - Hamilton Traffic - John McCreery

Edward L Ryerson saluting, but well before getting to the bridges.

Ryerson sliding under the Bridges

Emerald Star departing as the fog thickens

Close up of the Emerald Star

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