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April 19, 2008


4/19 - Traffic in the Kahnawake South Shore Canal - Kent Malo

Barge Energy 6506 seen here up bound at Kanawake Mohawk Reserve pushed by the American tug Sea Service

Bow section of Barge Energy 6506

Stern view of the duo

Tug Sea Service in the notch

Close up stern view of the tug Sea Service

4/19 - Menominee traffic - Dick Lund

Olive L. Moore arrives in  Menominee

Stern view after passing through the Ogden Street Bridge

Heading into the notch

Close-up of the bow of the tug heading for the notch

Tug is in the notch

Marlene Green approaches Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

Close-up inside the piers with a load of wind turbine parts

Stern view after passing through the Ogden Street Bridge

Arriving KK Integrated Logistics East Dock

Stern view al tied up at the dock

Lewis J. Kuber moves away from the dock at KK Integrated Logistics

Stern view as they move into the river to pass the Marlene Green

Approaching the Ogden Street Bridge

Heading for the Menominee North Pier lighthouse

Outbound beyond the lighthouse

4/19 - Lansdowne scrapping - Tim N.


Crane ready to remove port railcar.

starboard side.

4/19 - Buffalo scenes - Brian Wroblewski

The scrapping of the Lansdowne now underway at the Cargill Pool Terminal Elevator. They have removed the two railcars and are now cutting on the old paddlewheels. Look closely to the left, out on the lake and you can see the Griffon heading out from Buffalo around 11 a.m. on Friday.

Paul J Martin inbound for the South Entrance Channel as seen just outside the Buffalo Outer Harbor Seawall. She is the first commercial boat of the new season.

4/19 - Joseph L. Block loading in Escanaba - Lee Rowe


4/19 - Tug Michigan & Barge Great Lakes leaving Toledo - Bob Vincent



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