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April 20-21, 2008


4/21 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

CSL Niagara turned at the basin and backed to Mid West Terminal of Toledo International dock for a load of iron ore.

Kaye E. Barker under CSX Toledo Docks coal loader

Burns Harbor coming in to Toledo

Cuyahoga just coming under the coal loading rig at CSX Toledo Docks

4/21 - Alpena traffic -
Ben & Chanda McClain

Manistee heading in Sunday morning

Unloading stone

Innovation going to Lafarge

Manistee backing out

Bow view

4/21 - Fen in the Welland Canal - Eric Holmes

Departing Lock 3


Under Bridge 5

4/21 - Calumet unloading at the Wirt Stone Dock in Saginaw - Stephen Hause


4/20 - Edward L. Ryerson at the Soo Carbide Dock - Cathy Kohring

4/20 - Ojibway departs Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk


4/20 Calumet in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Calumet at the mouth of the river

Close up

Unloading coal

4/20 Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Cason J. Callaway up bound at buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut

American Integrity follows the Callaway into Lake Huron

Calumet follows the Callaway and Integrity

Montrealais up bound .

Burns Harbor down bound

Sam Laud up bound

The salt water vessel Whistler meets the Canadian Progress above buoys 1 & 2

Canadian Progress down bound

Canadian Prospector down bound

4/20 - The Italian tanker Laguna D through the Iroquois Lock. She is registered in Venice and is formerly Jo Laguna. - Ron Beaupre


4/20/08 - Traffic in the American Narrows looking southeast from Wellesley Island, NY - Fritz Hager

CSL Laurentian with Labrador iron ore for Torco in Toledo.

Closer view.

Tanker Fen

Broadside shot.

Stolt Kite

4/20 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Tug Gregory J. Busch pushing the stern of the Cornelius upriver against the current.

Adam E. Cornelius across the river attempting to back into Bay Aggregates

Tug Gregory J. Busch coming around the bow of the Cornelius after she is safe in the slip

Tug Busch close up

Invincible/McKee Sons nosing into the turning basin

Swinging the stern upriver

Finishing her turn

Headed outbound for the lake

Stern view passing the Gregory J. Busch at Essroc

4/20 - Port Huron Weekend - BoatNerd News staff

Arthur M. Anderson up bound in the evening sun

Burns Harbor down bound under the Blue Water Bridges

Headed for Toledo

Edward l. Ryerson down bound

No better sound than full steam salute

Samuel Risley working river buoys

Full load on the stern deck

Sarah Spencer up bound at Marysville

Jane Ann IV doing all the work

Hollyhock heading home

Maritime Trader up bound


Federal Seto and pilot boat up bound

Seto under the bridges

Pineglen down bound

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