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April 22-24, 2008


4/24 - Kaministiqua, Ojibway and Cedarglen, at the Soo, as seen from the Ojibway - Michael Rodaway

Kaministiqua in fresh colours

Kaministiqua, Cedarglen & the Ojibway

Stern view

Cedarglen viewed from the Ojibway

Ojibway & Cedarglen at the Soo

4/24 - Salvage work in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder waiting at the ore dock.

Tug BeeJay and barge with divers ready to enter the water.

4/24 - Mississagi in the Saginaw River - Stephen Hause

Unloading at Buena Vista Dock

Outbound from the Sixth Street turning basin at Saginaw

Passing the E. M. Ford

Outbound at Zilwaukee

Passing under the Zilwaukee Bridge

4/24 - Escanaba visitors - Lee Rowe

Joseph L Block loading while the Algocape waits.


Joseph L Block departing in the rain, passing the harbor light

Bow wave

4/24 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

BBC Delaware downbound out of Iroquois Lock. This concludes her first visit to the Great Lakes.

Marlene Green running back down to Becancour for another load of windmill parts

LS Christine passes Mariatown after her first visit to the Great Lakes.

4/23 - Historical Perspective - Marquette Season Opening article from 1943 - John Scott Sr., son of Capt. E. J. Scott

4/23 - Spruceglen leaving South Chicago - Steve Bauer

Spruceglen on the Calumet River near 92nd St. Bridge.

Enjoying a warm sunny day in Chicago.

Headed for the Lake Michigan (the train had been waiting for the boat to pass).

4/23 - Marquette traffic - Lee Rowe

Dorothy Anne with the US Coast Guard in the lower harbor

Tug and barge

The Herbert C Jackson taking a dusty load

Backing out

Herbert C. Jackson departing

Robert S Pierson stack logo

Pierson tied up and waiting

Pierson moving in to the north side

4/23 - CSL Laurentien unloading pellets at Toledo's Torco Dock - Bob Vincent


4/23 - Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder at Marquette's Lower Harbor - Rod Burdick

Departing the Shiras Dock at sunrise

Stopped off the Lower Harbor after touching an unknown object.

4/22 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Manistee leads the way down bound, as the Sarah Spenser/ Jane Ann IV and the Paul R. Tregurtha follow astern.


The barge Sarah Spenser and the tug Jane Ann IV down bound

4/22 - American Fortitude in Marquette - Rod Burdick



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