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April 26-27, 2008


4/27 - Detroit area traffic - Mike Nicholls

Joseph H Thompson at the Brennan Street Dock in the Rouge River.

Joseph H Thompson Jr. outbound the Rouge River approaching the Fort Street Bridge

American Century at Zug Island.

Cuyahoga downbound off Fort Wayne.

Patricia Hoey outbound the Rouge River.

Maritime Trader downbound off Zug Island

Barge A 410 and tug Rebecca Lynn inbound the Rouge at the Conrail Bridge

Rebecca Lynn

Philip R Clarke inbound the Rouge bound for the Carmeuse Dock.


Jane Ann IV and Sarah Spencer backing down to the Rouge Short Cut bound for the JMT Dock behind Zug Island.

Jane Ann IV up close


4/27 - St. Clair River traffic passing Algonac State Park - Don Detloff

Charles M. Beeghly down bound

Grayfox down bound

4/27 - Following Edward L. Ryerson and Lee A. Tregurtha at the Soo - Ted Fewchuk

Lee A. Tregurtha at the West Pier

Followed by Edward L. Ryerson

Ryerson's guest quarters

ELT heads in the MacArthur Lock, Lee A into the Poe.

Closer view

4/26 - Windoc towed thru the Welland Canal to Wharf 52, the Seaway Marine & Industrial Dry Dock. - Michel Gosselin

Stern first tow

Closer look

Wyatt M on the front

Stern (bow) view of the tow passing Bridge 5.

Tug Lac Manitoba

Entering Lock 3

Close look inside

Vigilant I


Vigilant I and Vac in Lock 3.

4/26 - Edwin H. Gott loading taconite and Roger Blough waiting to load at DMIR/CN dock - Travis Chadwick


4/26 - Mesabi Miner unloading at the Mittal west dock in Indiana Harbor. - Gary R Clark


4/26 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Calumet upbound nearing Liberty Bridge

Passing through the HESR Railway Bridge

Calumet stern view

Olive L. Moore/Lewis J Kuber inbound nearing Essroc during a downpour

Kuber making the Sargent Dock at Essexville

Tug closeup showing the new stack markings

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