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April 28, 2008


4/28 - Edward L. Ryerson down bound at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler

Down bound just below the Blue Water Bridges.

Bow profile

Stern profile

Heading to Hamilton

4/28 - Historical Perspective - David Pagano
Windoc as Steelcliffe Hall in 1979


4/28 - Recent Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick

Robert S. Pierson waiting to load ore

Tug Dorothy Ann at the ore dock

4/28 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Energy 6506 is being raised in Lock 3

Sea Service in Lock 3

Pilothouse on Sea Service

Stern view of Sea Service & Energy 6506

Stolt Kite being lowered in Lock 3

4/28 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Manitowoc down bound at Point Edward

James R. Barker heads into Lake Huron

Burns Harbor making the turn at buoys 1 & 2.

Peter R. Cresswell heads into Lake Huron

American Courage follows the Cresswell into Lake Huron

Canadian Transfer down bound

Algomarine down bound

American Valor making the turn down bound

4/28 - Point Edward traffic - Wayne Brown

Charles M. Beeghly down bound in the early dawn

American Century pouring on the coal at buoys 1 & 2.

Tug Dorothy Ann and Barge Pathfinder downbound

Algoeast heading up to the Soo

Burns Harbor-she's a long one

Work continues on the Saginaw in the north slip

Peter R. Cressell heading out into the lake

American Courage following the Cresswell

Algoway upbound in the river

Algoway passing under the Bluewater bridge at sunset

4/28 - Edward L Ryerson down down at the Algonac State Park - Don Detloff



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