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May 11, 2008


5/11 - T/S State of Michigan departing the Great Lakes Maritime Academy on itís Spring 2008 cruise. - Brian Peterson

5/11 - Traffic at Cap de la Madeleine (Trois Rivieres) QC - Michel St-Denis


Atlantic Erie

Marie Desgagnes

Stern view

5/11 - Traffic at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International - Bob Vincent

Sarah Spencer unloading stone

Boom of the Sarah Spencer unloading stone

Tug Jane Ann IV

Front End Loader loading stone into the rail cars

Burns Harbor unloading iron ore

Canadian Progress being loaded with iron ore

5/11 - Maumee in Bay City - Todd Shorkey

Maumee upbound nearing Liberty Bridge

Wide view

Stern view at the bridges.

5/11 - South Chicago traffic - Steve Beach

CSL Niagara at 95th St Bridge being towed out to Calumet Harbor by " G" tugs Colorado and Arizona.

Niagara and tugs approaching 92nd St bridge.

Niagara and Arizona approaching EJE Railroad Bridge while backing out to Calumet Harbor.

Lee A. Tregurtha loading at KCBX on Calumet River.

Tug Arizona assisting Niagara past the Lee A. Tregurtha at KCBX.

Carefully backing past the Lee A. Tregurtha en route to Beemsterboer.

5/11 - Photos by Kent Malo from a recent media day aboard the Federal Kivalina in Montreal Harbor.
The theme of the event was to alleviate fears from the public concerning invasive species arriving in ship ballasts tanks. Each ship whose last port was in fresh water must flush the ballasts tanks with salt water, and the action must be noted on a chart indicating the area at which it was done. Records have to be kept and presented to officials upon arrival at the Seaway at St Lambert or at anchor, and a 96-hour notice has to be given to Canadian authorities prior to arrival. The same tests are to be done at Masena, N.Y. Both countries are working on a setup that will alleviate duplicating work for the ships and Seaway authorities from both nations.

Federal Kivalina
file photo

Terry Jordan, U.S. Seaway marine inspector, explaining how a refractometer works on board the Federal Kivalina in Montreal Harbor recently. A refractometer is a tool that measures salinity in the tanks.

Captain Harish Matta, showing the media the forms used for the water ballast flushings and the chart where the change occurred.

Guest speaker Richard Corfe, President and CEO, St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp.

Speaker Paul Pathy, Executive Vice-President, Fednav Ltd.

5/11 - St. Clair River traffic - Don Detloff

Burns Harbor up bound

Stern view

Highlander Sea down bound

Kaye E. Barker upbound

Stern view

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