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May 18-19, 2008


5/19 - Toledo Coal Dock Traffic - Bob Vincent

Herbert C. Jackson coming in for a load of coal for the Algoma steel plant at the Canadian Soo.

Pulling under the ship loading machine

Men on the ground

Leaving Toledo

Manitowoc coming in for load of coal for Saginaw Michigan

After loading, strong winds kept it against the dock wall

The "G" tug Idaho was called to help it leave

Close up of Idaho giving assistance to Manitowoc

5/19 - Manitowoc in the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

Manitowoc up bound nearing Independence Bridge

Another view

Stern view clear of the bridge

5/19 - Algonac State Park traffic - Don Detloff

American Republic down bound

Dorothy Ann / Pathfinder down bound

Jane Ann IV / Sarah Spencer down bound

Walter J McCarthy Jr. down bound

Algoville up bound

5/19 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Kent Malo

Asiaborg down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands

Stern view of Asiaborg above the Canadian Pacific Railway bridges.

Garganay up bound in the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands

Garganay accommodation block and funnel with the Canadian Forest Lines logo

5/19 - Iroquois Lock traffic - Murray Blancher

Bright Laker up bound

Stern view

Federal Danube down bound

Stern view

Nadro Tugs, Lac Manitoba & Vigilant 1 up bound returning from the Algobay tow

Algoport up at Iroquois Lock

Stern view

Algosteel unloading at Port of Prescott Ontario

5/19 - Isadora just after tying up in Cleveland at Pier 24 West. - Daniel Meyers


5/18 - Duluth traffic - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

Joseph H. Block working her through way Duluth Harbor

Under the Blatnik Bridge

Great Lakes Maritime Academy training ship State Of Michigan making a rare trip to Duluth

Close up

Cadets and crew enjoying the view


5/18 - Duluth traffic - Travis Chadwick

Edgar B. Speer loading taconite CN/DMIR Duluth.

Close up of the conveyor chutes

American Integrity, with a rain squall behind her, heading into Duluth and SMET

5/18 - Welland Canal scenes - Eric Holmes

Bright Laker upbound toward Lock 3.

Federal Kavalina downbound at Bridge 5.

Windoc at the Seaway Marine Dry Docks

Wilf Seymour and Alouette Spirit

Wilf Seymour and Alouette Spirit stern view at Bridge 4.

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