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May 23-24, 2008


5/24 - Maumee in Fairport Harbor - Faith & Robert Hunter

Maumee passing the Grand River light

Entering the harbor channel

Snagged a big one!

Preparing to drop the skiff overboard

5/24 - Charles M. Beeghly unloading at Mittal East (#2) in Indiana Harbor - Gary Clark


5/24 - USCGC Mackinaw in Cleveland for change of command ceremony - Matt Grabski

View from the deck of the William J. Mather

View out the rear window of the Mather's pilothouse

5/24 - Recent Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick

James R. Barker unloading coal

American Victory loading taconite

5/24 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Peter R. Cresswell leaving Lock 1

Stern view

New Moon II is going to tied up below Lock 1

Canadian Progress approaching Lock 2

Bright Laker leaving Lock 2

Stern view

Garganey approaching Lock 2

Stern view

5/24 - BBC Korea upbound at Mariatown with a load of windmill parts.- Ron Beaupre


5/24 - Detroit River scenes - Mike Nicholls

American Spirit unloading at Zug Island.

J W Westcott II alongside.

Stern view

Westcott II returning to her home base

Arthur M Anderson at Zug Island

Garganey (Hong Kong) unloading at the Ontario Cement Dock in Windsor.

Barge Hannah 3601 and Mary E Hannah at Mistersky's Dock

Stern view

Mary E. Hannah

Stern view

U.S.C.G.C. Mackinaw upbound at the Western tip of Belle Isle


Utviken at Detroit Marine Terminal 2 - Nicholson's

Faust tug Cormorant outbound the Rouge River approaching the Fort Street Bridge.

Stern view

5/23 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

CSL Laurentien in Lock 3

Beluga Federation in Lock 7

Rebecca Kynn & A-410

Rebecca Lynn

Stern view

Celine approaching Lock 7

Stern view

Maria Green just left Lock 1

Stern view of pilot boat Juleen I & Maria Green

Algonorth moving slowly toward Lock 1

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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