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May 25, 2008


5/25 - USCGC Mackinaw up bound as seen from from the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse - Dick Wicklund



5/25 - Hamilton visitors - Eric Holmes

Maria Green outbound in the Burlington Ship Canal

Stern View

Edward L Ryerson in bound in the Burlington Ship Canal

Side View

Stern View

5/25 - Marlene Green down bound at the Algonac State Park 0 Don Detloff



5/25 - Maumee River traffic near the Toledo CSX Docks - Bob Vincent

Tug Anglian Lady pushing tanker barge PML 2501, heading for the BP terminal

Herbert C. Jackson backing under the CSX coal rig

Putting man on the wall to tie up

Looking aft at the unloading boom

Edwin H. Gott getting ready to unload iron ore at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International dock

Gott turning around in front the coal dock

Gott heading out

CSL Niagara backing out from Torco ore dock

5/25 - South Chicago traffic - Steve Bauer

Virginiaborg unloading at Iroquois Landing

Beeghly chasing a pleasure boat down river at 92nd St bridge.

Making the turn at 92nd St.

Under 95th St bridge, approaching the "Five bridges."

Passing under the bridges.


American Victory up bound at Vantage Point

American Victory's wheelhouse now painted white

Paul R. Tregurtha follows the Victory into Lake Huron

Algorail down bound above buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut

Algoeast down bound

5/25 - USCGC Mackinaw north bound on Lake Huron to her home dock in Cheboygan. - Dianne Donati



5/25 - St Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Kent Malo

Spruceglen up bound for Indiana Harbor seen here In the South shore canal of the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands

Peter R Cresswell unloading road salt at the Cote Ste. Catherines wharf

Ojibway meeting the Peter R Cresswell at the Cote wharf

Ojibway up bound for Ashtabula Ohio above Cote Ste. Catherines Lock

Stern view of Ojibway

5/25 - St. Lawrence River traffic - Ron Beaupre

Bright Laker sails down the St. Lawrence River at Mariatown

Moor passes Bright Laker up bound

The Greek flag saltie Calliroe Patronicola is seen loading grain at Prescott Elevators.

Late in the evening Calliroe Patronicola passes Mariatown heading for the sea.

Dzintari passes up the river after sunset

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