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June 2, 2008


6/2 - Algomarine anchored off DeTour Village - Cathy Kohring

Algomarine at anchor at DeTour Village

Algomarine just off the DeTour Harbor of Refuge

Charles M. Beeghly meets the anchored Algomarine

Beeghly passing the Algomarine

Sterns passing

Close up of bow with anchor chain visible

Algomarine just off Watson's Dock area

The Algomarine was the biggest boat in the Marina so far this year!.

6/2 - Maumee in Menominee - Dick Lund

Maumee in bound Menominee early Sunday morning

Bow profile showing it is only drawing 14-ft. at the bow

Making the turn into the inner harbor

The workboat is alongside to haul the mooring lines ashore

The unloading begins

Unloading complete and the boom is swung back aboard

Backing out of the inner harbor

Backing past Menominee North Pier lighthouse

Turned around and out bound

6/2 - BBC Plata down bound at the Soo - Herm Klein

Approaching Mission Point

Name board and stack marking

Stern view

6/2 - Dzintari departing the Iroquios Lock - Murray Blancher





6/2 - Early morning Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

John Spence & McAsphalt tied up at Wharf 1

Nanticoke about to enter Lock 1

Sea Eagle II & St. Marys Cement II just left Lock 7

6/2 - Cuyahoga hits pleasure boat and dock in Cleveland's Cuyahoga River -
Martin McGuan

Cuyahoga upbound on the Cuyahoga River.

In the muddy Cuyahoga River

The port side with the old, non-operating railroad bridge behind her.

The Coast Guard arriving at the scene of the accident.

Note the owner of the boat talking on his cell phone,

Damage to the "Shooters" dock.

6/2 - Scenes from Montreal - Rene Beauchamp

Busy day in Montreal. From l. to r., Turid Knutsen, Kaministiqua, Sanmar Serenade, Maria Desgagnés and W-O Topa.

The newly re-named Algoma Discovery at the Sorel-Tracy anchorage from the ferry Catherine Legardeur. Funnel was partly painted in the Algoma colours. The bear was not painted yet.

Emerald Star at the oil dock and Maria Desgagnés at the anchorage waiting for a dock.

Sarah Desgagnés unloading, section 106, Montreal

6/2 - Scenes from Ashtabula and Conneaut - Al Endelmann

Philip R Clarke backing in to the Ashtabula coal loading dock.

Restoration on the historic Ashtabula Lift Bridge - closed all summer.

Roger Blough approaching Conneaut Harbor

Turning to back in.

Backing through the breakwall entrance.

Close up view

6/2 - St. Clair River traffic - Edward Schuyler

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. up bound

Heading to Superior

Ojibway up bound

Heading to Thunder Bay

6/2 - Joseph L. Block in Escanaba - Lee Rowe

Block at the dock

Wide view from the city

6/2 - Arthur M. Anderson arriving in Green Bay - Stephanie


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