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June 3, 2008


6/3 - Badger BoatNerd Gathering scenes - Dave Wobser

S/S Badger arrives in Ludington on Friday evening

Backing to her dock next to the Spartan

Capt. Dean Hobbs discusses the history of the Badger

Capt. Hobbs explains the navigation devices in the pilothouse

Chief Engineer Bill Kulka leads the engine room tour.

Lee Murdock entertains on the way to Manitowoc and on the return trip

Manitowoc light welcomes us to Wisconsin

Michipicoten unloading at the Budweiser elevator in Manitowoc

The massive triple expansion engine from the Chief Wawatam in the Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Badger arriving back in Manitowoc after the Wisconsin Shoreline Cruise.

Dropping the hook to make the reverse maneuver

Waiting to re-board for the trip home

Leaving Manitowoc

Sunset over Wisconsin as we head back to Ludington

A few minutes later

6/3 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

U.S.C.G.C. 49424 off Stroh River Place.

Grayfox on the drydock at Nicholsons.

Indiana Harbor downbound off the RenCen

Marine Ten off the RenCen.

Norman Mc Leod loading at Marathon

Norman Mc Leod downbound at Fighting Island South Light

Practice at the Red Bull Air Race in Detroit.

Yankcanuck upbound off the RenCen.

Stern view

6/3 - Recent Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick


John G. Munson loading ore

Paul R. Tregurtha off Presque Isle Park

6/3 - Welland Canal traffic - John McCreery

Edward L. Ryerson departing Lock Two
with Maritime Trader Waiting

Maritime Trader smoking up

Trader approaching Lock Two

Ryerson out bound at Port Weller

Frontenac above lock Two

Frontenac entering Lock Two

Barge Energy 6506

Tug Sea Service at the Homer Bridge

6/3 - Calumet River and Burns Harbor Chuck Wagner

Tug / Barge T. E. Ragsdale passing the Wilfred Sykes loading coal for Holland, MI at the KCBX terminal; the bow of the Great Lakes Trader is visible in the distance.

Wilfred Sykes underway from KCBX; the John G. Munson has now joined the Great Lakes Trader upriver.

Wilfred Sykes lining up to pass through the 100
th street bridge on her way out to Lake Michigan.

Tug / Barge Joyce L. Van Enkevort / Great Lakes Trader unloading at the Carmeuse lime plant on the Calumet River.
Note how the tug is angled in the barge's notch while tied up at the dock.

Interesting how the pilot house on the tug can be raised and lowered on a hydraulic ram.

John G. Munson tied up by the stern at the Beemsterboer dock while waiting for the Great Lakes Trader to depart from Carmeuse.

Crewman on the Great Lakes Trader headed aft to finish casting off her lines.

John G. Munson in the notch on the Great Lakes Trader.

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin loading petroleum coke for New Brunswick Power at the KCBX terminal on the Calumet River.

Great Lakes Trader lining up to pass through the 100
th street bridge while the tanker William L. Warner waits alongside the KCBX dock.

William L. Warner alongside the John G. Munson while she unloads at Carmeuse.

Hard to visualize where the William L. Warner "hides" 300,000 gallons of fuel.

Great Lakes Trader lining up to pass through the railroad bridges located between the 100
th Street and 95th street bridges.

CSL Assiniboine being loaded by three Manitowoc cranes at the Port of Indiana Burns Harbor.

Crane loading coke breeze into one of the Assiniboine's holds.

6/3 - Welland Canal traffic - Bill Bird

Atlantic Huron down bound clear of Lock 2

Stern view

English River-sliding along wall into Lock 3

Stern view

Edward L. Ryerson entering Lock 3

Frontenac up bound clear of Lock 2

Stern view

Algoville tied at sand dock in Port Weller harbour preparing for name change to Tim S. Dool in honour of Tim Dool who retired at the end of April as president and CEO of Algoma Central Corporation

Getting ready to put in name change

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