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June 6-7, 2008


6/7 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic on a foggy day - Ron Beaupre

Algowood down bound on a foggy morning at Mariatown

Marlene Green on her way to Becancour for more windmills.

Marlene Green meets Federal Patriot near Canada Island

Federal Patriot is ex-BBC Russia

6/7 - USCGC Bristol Bay in Marquette - Lee Rowe

USCG Bristol Bay in Marquette's lower harbor.

Signaling device that had been dropped onto the rogue buoy.

One of Marquette's USCG fleet.

6/7 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Sidsel Knutsen in Lock 6 West

Mandarin approaching Lock 1

Stern view

6/7 - Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder in Marquette - Rod Burdick


Arriving at the ore dock

Loading ore

6/7 - Jade Star on the pier at Petro Canada in Bronte (Oakville) - John McKay


6/6 - Foggy Day at Belle Isle - Brad Neych

Marlene Green out of the fog

Side view

CSL Assiniboine passing USCG Belle Isle.

Philip R. Clarke down bound


6/6 - Weekend at the Soo - Galen Witham

Michipicoten approaching the McArthur Lock

Michipicoten meeting her fleetmate, the Ojibway, which is getting ready to enter the Poe Lock

Frontenac down bound in the McArthur Lock

Frontenac exiting the lock

Ojibway re-suppling the Paul R. Tregurtha

John J. Boland down bound in the fog

Indiana Harbor down bound at the Rock Cut

Stern view

American Republic entering the McArthur Lock

American Fortitude

Charles M. Beeghly at the Rock Cut

Stern view

Joseph L. Block up bound at Mission Point

Stern view

Algosoo up bound

6/6 Ashtabula visitors - Dave Scali


American Fortitude unloading pellets



Maritime Trader anchored off shore

6/6 - Fairport Harbor, Ohio traffic - Bob Hunter

Capt Henry Jackman loading salt

Great Lakes Trader unloading stone

6/6 - Herbert C. Jackson down bound at Port Huron. - Edward Schuyler

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