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June 13-14, 2008


6/14 - Traffic around the Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent

Philip R. Clarke leaving Toledo after unloading iron ore at Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock.

Another view of the Clarke leaving

John J. Boland leaving Toledo after unloading iron ore at Torco Dock

6/14 - The Tug Ivory Coast and tank barge Exiderdome 1 approach Iroquois Lock up bound. - Ron Beaupre

Tank barge Exiderdome 1

Tug Ivory Coast pushing this barge was built in 1967 and is formerly Crusader.

6/14 - Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Edgar B Speer

American Spirit

Mandarin followed by the Peter R Cresswell

Walter J McCarthy Jr.

McCarthy passing the Mandarin

McCarthy passing the Cresswell

Peter R Cresswell

Mandarin past the Manitowoc

Cresswell passing the Manitowoc

Manitowoc stern view

6/14 - McKeil's tug John Spence along with her barge McAsphalt-401, down bound for Tracy, Quebec - Kent Malo




6/14 - The Canadian Navigator down bound for Cote Ste Catherine Wharf to unload - Kent Malo



Stern view seen here at the Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial lands

6/13 - Algosteel in Stoneport -
Ben & Chanda McClain

Algosteel approaching Stoneport using bow anchor

Crewmen on the dock

Bringing up the anchor

Close up of loading stone

Side view

6/13 - Saginaw backing from the North Slip down to Imperial Oil - Fran Frisk


6/13 - Recent Traffic At Sarnia/Port Edward - John McCreery

Federal Sakura down bound at Point Edward

Stern view at the Blue Water Bridges

Edward L Ryerson down bound off Lake Huron

Ryerson passing the Fort Gratiot Light

Canadian Ranger under the Blue Water Bridges

Stern view of the Canadian Ranger upbound towards Buoys One and Two

Herbert C Jackson down bound off Lake Huron

American Fortitude up at one and two

Canadian Transfer upbound at Sarnia

The Edward L Ryerson passing the Canadian Ranger near Corunna

6/13 - Robert S. Pierson in the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

Out bound nearing Cass Ave.

Another View

Stern view

6/13 - Early morning at the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

Canadian Navigator entering Lock 2

Sidsel Knutsen in Lock 7

Bow view

Maritime Trader passing underneath the Garden City Skyway

6/13 - Algontario down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway for Quebec City, with a cereal product from Thunder Bay, Ontario, seen here at Kahnawake, Mohawk Territorial Lands - Kent Malo


Cooling water cascading over the deck and down out through the scuppers

Accommodation block and wheel house

6/13 - Charles M. Beeghly loading at KCBX south dock in South Chicago - Steve Bauer

Loading under the spout

Another view

Loading finished, spout up, backing away from the dock.

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