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June 16, 2008

6/16 - Traffic around the Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin finished unloading iron ore at CSX Torco dock, pulling away from the dock wall

Heading out into the shipping channel

Kaye E. Barker pulling away from CSX ship loader

Bow view of the Kaye E. Barker

Kaye E. Barker heading for Muskegon Michigan with a load of coal

6/16 - American Valor departing Duluth - Glenn Blaszkiewicz




6/16 - St. Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands - Kent Malo

Bluenose 2 up bound in the St Lawrence Seaway


Stern view

Diamond Star

Stern view

6/16 - Roger Blough up bound at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler

6/16 - Recent Detroit area traffic - Mike Nicholls

Calumet down bound at Fighting Island South Light

Stern view

Islander in Nicholson's Drydock

Gradel tug John Francis at Nicholson's

Bob-Lo Island ferry Ste Claire V

"G" Tug Superior at Nicholson's.

Cason J Callaway down bound at the Ambassador Bridge.

Stern view

Robert S Pierson off Belle Isle.

Stern view

Maumee unloading at the Koenig Dock in Detroit


Stern view

American Valor down bound off Zug Island.

American Victory at Sterling Fuel in Windsor.

Wilf Seymour and barge Alouette Spirit at Detroit Marine Terminal 2 - Nicholson's.

Wilf Seymour

Stern view

Demolen at the Corps of Engineers Dock in Detroit.

Stern view

Jane Ann IV and Sarah Spencer unloading at the Southwest Sales Dock in Windsor.

Stern view

Jane Ann IV

Mandarin (Cyprus) at DMT2 - Nicholson's.

Stern view

Manistee loading at Zug Island.

Stern view

Cuyahoga at Sterling Fuel in Windsor

Stern view

Walter J McCarthy Jr. at Sterling Fuel

Tug Great Lakes and barge Michigan down bound off River Rouge.

Stern view

Tug Michigan

Stern view

6/16 - Recent Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Munteborg in Lock 3

Algosoo just left Lock 1

Algocape in Lock 3

Federal Pioneer approaching Lock 1

Stern view

Soulanges and Charles XX just left Lock 1

Side view of Charles XX

Side view of Soulanges

Stern view

It's a Wonderful Life heading toward the small craft dock

Tug Ivory Coast made her first trip through the Welland canal pushing the barge Exiderdome I up bound

Stern view.
Destination is Toledo, Ohio.

Bow view of barge Exiderdome I

Federal Patriot was going down bound

Stern view

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