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June 29-30, 2008

6/30 - A 17 boat Sunday at Mission Point - BoatNerd News Staff

Edgar B. Speer

Canadian Ranger

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort


James R. Barker




Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder

Robert S. Pierson

American Victory

American Mariner

Presque Isle

Canadian Leader


John G. Munson

Stewart J. Cort

Kaye E. Barker

6/30 - William J. Moore and McLeary's Spirit down bound at the Iroquois Lock - Douglas Kolish




6/30 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Algosteel tied up below Lock 2

Alessandro DP just left Lock 6 West

Stern view

Everlast & Norman McLeod passing underneath Bridge 5

Algomarine is about to enter Lock 1

6/30 - Yankcanuck passing the Great Lakes Maritime Center during a fireworks display. - Frank Switlicki


6/30 - Prescott traffic - Douglas Kolish

Tuscarora loading at Prescott Elevators

Blue Nose II off Prescott

HMCS Glace Bay

HMCS Shawinigan

6/30 - Iroquois Lock traffic - Murray Blancher

Canadian Progress down bound

Stern view leaving the lock

Progress meets Thalassa Desgagnes

Thalassa entering the lock

Stern view

6/30 - Ojibway down bound at the Algonac State Park - Don Detloff




6/29 - Welland Canal Traffic - Bob Dowson

Montrealais upbound at Lock #1

Montrealais meeting Catherine Desgagnes at Lock #2

Catharine Desgagnes downbound at Lock #2

Stern view

6/29 - Cuyahoga down bound at Algonac - Don Detloff




6/29 - Alexandria Bay area of the St Lawrence River - Michael Folsom

CSL Assiniboine upbound past Sunken Rock Lighthouse just outside of Alexandria Bay, NY

Rt. Hon Paul J. Martin downbound

6/29 - Tug Victory & barge James L. Kuber downbound at Port Huron. - Ed Schuyler



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