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July 6-7, 2008


7/7 - Algowood and sailboat that were reported to have collided near Sarnia - Brian Wellwood


Algowood leaving Shell Oil

Algowood after the reported collision.

The sailboat that is believed to have crossed in front of the Algowood.

7/7 - Mississagi loading salt in Goderich - Wayne Brown


7/7 - Duluth/Superior scenes - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

Herbert C. Jackson arriving at the Duluth entry

Sailor humor in chalk.

American Republic in Fraser Shipyard in Superior

USCGC Alder in the dry dock at Fraser

J.B. Ford as she sits in Superior.

7/7 - Megayacht Blue Moon passing Vantage Point - Fran Frisk


7/7 Maumee in Buffalo - Rob Wolcott

Maumee on her way through the entrance to Buffalo harbor

Head on shot of Maumee, formerly Calcite II of the USS Great Lakes Fleet

Coming around the corner past General Mills and on her way up the creek to unload sand.

Maumee with her boom raised and over starboard moving up the creek to make another pile of sand.

Maumee unloading sand with English River unloading cement at Lafarge. On the right side of the picture along the right side of the bridge, you can make out the wheel house of the English river next to beige silos of Lafarge.

7/7 - Ojibway at Great Lakes Grain Elevators in Owen Sound. -  Ed. Saliwonchyk



Elevator marine leg

7/7 - Manitowoc leaving Green Bay - Matt Ludvigson

Manitowoc finishes up her unload at Georgia-Pacific

Stern profile backing out of the slip.

Full view on Fox River

Manitowoc passes by S.T. Crapo and Barbara Andrie in Green Bay.

Manitowoc approaching the Mason Street Bridge

7/7 - A quiet Sunday on the St Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, NY. - Michael Folsom

Montrealais downbound

BBC Elbe downbound for Montreal


7/6 - Recent Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls

Buffalo upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel

Herbert C Jackson upbound off Nicholson's.

Stern view

Maumee downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel

Stern view

Montrealais upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

Stern view

Demolen at the Corps of Engineer Dock in Detroit

Stern view

Diamond Queen upbound above the Ambassador Bridge.

Catherine Desgagnes downbound in the Detroit River.

Stern view

Manistee downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

Stern view

Neah Bay at Nicholson's Slip.

Stern view

Ojibway unloading at the ADM Dock in Windsor.

Stern view

7/6 - The Federal Patriot arrived in the Port of Antwerp in Belgium on the 4th. of July. - Chris Rombouts



7/6 - Algoisle in Quebec & Kaministiqua in Ashtabula - Michael Rodaway

Algoisle unloading at Section 52 in Quebec City

Kaministiqua unloading iron ore at the Pinney dock in Ashtabula

Kaministiqua stern view

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