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July 9-10, 2008


7/10 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Canadian Navigator downbound at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

U.S.C.G.C. 33130 off B.A.S.F. in the Wyandotte Channel

Pilot boat Huron Maid upbound above the Ambassador Bridge

Stern view

7/10 - American Mariner loading at sunrise in Marquette - Rod Burdick



7/10 - Stoneport traffic -
Ben & Chanda McClain

Manistee finished loading

Backing away from the dock

Starting to turn

Stern view

John G. Munson approaching Stoneport

Turning towards the dock. Departing Manistee in background.

Workers landing

Tied up ready to load

7/10 - Herbert C. Jackson downbound at Port Huron - Ed Schuyler






7/9 - Tall Ships in Sandusky - Don Lee
Four Tall Ships -- Appledore V, Royaliste, Mysterious Ways and Journey -- were in Sandusky for the Fourth of July weekend.  Appledore V sold rides and all sold dockside tours. The ships tied up alongside the west wall of Battery Park Marina between the marina and the Sandusky Yacht Club


Appledore V out on Sandusky Bay with passengers, and a flight of cormorants is in search of lunch.


Appledore V heads for the wall. Royaliste is visible beyond her bow

In his not-so-tall ship, a kayaker examines the visitors. Royaliste is right behind him and Mysterious Ways, with the design of a Chinese Junk, is in the background. Just visible beyond Royaliste is the blue hull of the Journey.

7/9 - Alpena leaving Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

The Alpena all set to depart, just before the "G"  tug Washington arrived at the LaFarge Cement Dock below Ohio St. Bridge

The Washington has tied on to her stern and is slowly pulling her away from the LaFarge dock on the Buffalo River.

Deckhands on the tug

Alpena's stack

The Alpena under tow stern first and heading through the reach above the Michigan St. Bridge, just off the Great Lakes Paper Co. building.

7/9 - Atchafalaya in Huron Ohio - Don Lee
The dredge Atchafalaya of Houma, La., has been in Huron for the Corps of Engineers harbor dredging contract. Huron's "mile-long" pier offers a good long look at any boat, inbound or outbound. Dredging spoils from Huron Harbor used to have to be deposited at the Corps' confined disposal facility (known locally as the "spoils site") at the end of the pier but, with the area only partially filled, the Corps ruled Huron River bottom silt was no longer contaminated enough for the CDF and Huron River dredging spoils are now dumped in designated open-lake dumping sites.

Atchafalaya inbound passing Huron Light.

Heading into town. Atchafalaya dredges as far upriver as the ConAgra slip, where freighters still dump iron ore for the W&LE dock. The ConAgra grain facility across the slip is out of business and Huron is considering how to develop the site.

Turned around, Atchafalaya heads back out.

And so back out into the lake, with varying levels of interest from pier strollers and cyclists.

7/9 - Charles M Beeghly upbound at Port Huron. - Ed Schuyler

Passing the Huron Lightship

Bow Profile

Stern Profile

Heading for Silver Bay

7/9 - Ojibway leaving Owen Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk

Ojibway starts to make her turn in order to head down Owen Sound Bay.

7/9 - St Lawrence River traffic - Kent Malo

France's largest sailing vessel three masted barque "Belem" built in 1896 up bound for Montreal and a 4 day stay, plus visits along the St Lawrence prior to returning to Quebec City

Oluf Maersk up bound for Montreal seen here at Vercheres, Quebec

Stern view

Torm Caroline up bound for Montreal bow seen here at Vercheres, Quebec

Stern view

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