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July 11-12, 2008

7/12 - Mississagi in Kingsville - Neil Baker and Erich Zuschlag

Mississagi entering the harbour

Crew member Neil Baker giving the grand tour of this grand ship

Shot from the stern of the Mississagi towards the harbour and the town

Unloading gravel from Marblehead

7/12 - Buffalo area scenes - Brian Wroblewski

A slightly blurry image of a workman in a bucket lift marking and cutting holes into one of the bins of the Lake & Rail Elevator for the future installation of a grain receiving hopper to accept cargoes from a self-unloader boat.

Overhead view of the tug-barge William J Moore-McCleary's Spirit tied up at the Noco Product Terminal Pier on the Niagara River as seen from the South Grand Island Bridge.

Stern of the barge showing the tug in her notch, the Tonawanda Channel of the Niagara River is to the right, also shot from the bridge.

The barge is seen from ground level tied up to the Noco dolphins and unloading diesel fuel through her hose rig.

Closer view of the tug inside the notch from pierside.

7/12 - Hans Lehmann passes Vantage Point in Port Huron for the first time bound for Duluth with wind turbine parts from Denmark. - Thomas P. Sprader


7/12 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Clipper Lancer approaching Bridge 11

Stern view

Hans Lehmann leaving Lock 1

Stern view

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin heading toward Lock 4 West

Sichem New York heading toward Lock 7

Stern view

Milo just left Lock 1

Stern view

7/12 - Historical Perspective - Brian Wroblewski
This is a shot from the 1950's showing the Lackawanna Slip at Bethlehem Steel. Boats are everywhere, unloading at the Huletts, bridge cranes, and also on the opposite side loading finished steel beams. The Hulett transfer table can be seen along the ore dock face in the retracted position just aft of the large boat in the foreground.


7/11 - Sarnia-Port Huron traffic - Bill Bird

American Mariner exiting Lake Huron...

...followed by CSL Laurentien

Walter J McCarthy upbound at Black River

Robert S Pierson upbound approaching Blue Water Bridges

Herbert C. Jackson entering St. Clair River

7/11 - St. Lawrence Seaway traffic - Douglas Kolish

Annalisa outside of the Iroquois Locks

In the Iroquois Lock

Stern view

Cuyahoga at the Prescott Elevators loading stone.

Another view

7/11 - English River arriving at Bath Ontario cement plant - Murray Blancher


7/11 - Welland Canal traffic - Michel Gosselin

Garganey leaving Lock 1

Stern view

Radium Yellowknife is approaching Bridge 21returning D. C. Everest to IMS after fireworks duty in Toronto.

Stern view

Peter R. Cresswell heading toward Lock 1

Federal Mattawa approaching Bridge 5

Stern view

CSL Tadoussac heading toward Lock 2

Sichem Beijing approaching Bridge 4

Stern view

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