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July 15, 2008

7/15 - Calumet in Stoneport - Angie McCartney

7/15 - Saginaw at the ore dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick



7/15 - Photos taken from the Diamond Queen - Roger LeLievre

Bluewing unloading in Detroit.

Mary E. Hannah with barge

Gaelic tugs Shannon, Carolyn Hoey and Patricia Hoey at the Gaelic dock.

Tugs William Hoey and Sheila Kaye (formerly the Acushnet) in the Rouge River.

Tour boat Friendship

John J. Boland upbound.
Algolake at Sterling Fuels.

Algolake at Sterling Fuels.

Mailboat J. W. Westcott II assists a disabled pleasure boat. Algolake headed for the fuel dock in the background.

Capt Henry Jackman upbound under the Ambassador Bridge

7/15 - Summer freighter chasing trip pix - Alex and Max Mager

Frontenac at Port Huron

Stern view

American Valor at Mission

Edgar B Speer at the rock cut

Drawing a crowd

Chi-Cheemaun arriving in Tobermory

Another View with the bow lifting

Vehicles preparing to exit

American Republic at Port Huron

Sam Laud at Port Huron

7/15 - Ship Traffic at Hamilton - John McCreery

Edward L Ryerson crossing the harbour on her approach to Dofasco

Canadian Progress with boom protruding

The Progress pulls in her boom enabling the Ryerson to pass

The Montrealais arriving at the Burlington Piers

The Canadian Leader following in 45 minutes later both ships destined for Dofasco

The Ryerson and the Progress occupying the ore dock

The Montrealais moored at the coal dock awaiting her turn under the ore bridges

The Canadian Leader anchored in Burlington Bay and awaiting her turn dockside

Analisa outbound from pier 25

Stern view of the Analisa as she departs for Montreal

7/15 - Toronto traffic - Gerry Ouderkirk

Algontario departing Pier 35

Olympic Miracle and Groupe Ocean tugs departing Redpath Sugar dock.

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