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July 19, 2008

7/19 - Following Interlake's Charles M. Beeghly down the Rouge River after unloading at SeverStal. - Chuck Wagner

Lining up for the Fort Street bridge.

Bow passing the raised CN bridge.

Through the Jefferson Ave. bridge with Zug Island on the left and Carmeuse Lime on the right.

Entering the Detroit River with Zug Island in the background.

Full speed ahead towards the Ambassador Bridge.


7/19 - Canadian Leader in Marquette - Rod Burdick



7/19 - Canadian Leader in Marquette - Kris Rowe




7/19 - Buffalo Elevators - Now and Then - Brian Wroblewski

The Lake & Rail Elevator on the Buffalo River as work continues on the dockside hopper installation. A set of square holes have been cut into one of the bins for the installation of a receiving hopper to accept cargo from a self-unloading lake boat. The building was recently reactivated to store corn and grain for local industry and for distribution downstate. The goal of this new construction was to start getting marine cargo deliveries by the time of the Fall Grain Rush later this year.

This view shows the last boat to unload at the Lake & Rail, the Kinsman Independent, back in September of 2000. The building is roughly two miles upstream from the lake which requires a vessel to transit 3 bridges and 3 major turns to reach it. The 90 degree bend in the river below the elevator dock can be seen to the right hand side of the photo, looking down the reach towards the ADM Standard Elevator. The ADM Standard is currently the highest upstream dock that commercial traffic has been using in the recent past.

Here is a shot of Old School grain unloading in Buffalo Harbor showing the Independent "Rigged Up" at the Lake & Rail. Grain Scooper workmen can be seen down in the hold using a complex system of scoops, buckets, and hand shovels to get the boat's cargo out and into the Marine Unloading Leg Tower.

7/19 - Roger Blough passing Harsen's Island - Mike Traxler



7/19 - Marquette visitors - Luke Archer

John G. Munson loading at LS&I in the afternoon fog.

Fog clears briefly and sun shining while Munson loads.

Interested wildlife

Canadian Leader trimming her load; note the ore dust rising. An hour later she would depart sounding her fog signal.

7/19 - Cleveland visitors - Allen Seremak

Isa at the Port of Cleveland

McKee Sons unloading in the Cuyahoga River

7/19 - Port Huron - Ed Schuyler

American Fortitude

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder

Dorothy Ann


 Heading to Montreal QC. to unload Wheat.

7/19 - Duluth traffic - Travis Chadwick

Quebecois heading to St Lawrence Cement.

Canadian Transport with Mesabi Miner in distance.

Algosoo passing Canadian Transport in Duluth harbor.

Algosoo coming under Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge for SMET.

7/19 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe


John J Munson at the dock. The area in the foreground was a large sand bar last year.

Closer view of the Munson

Michipicoten passing the harbor light

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