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July 20-21, 2008


7/21 - Marquette visitors - Luke Archer

Stern of Mesabi Miner

Crew member, Kevin Davis, doing well on the Miner.

Mesabi Miner unloading coal for the W. E. power plant in Marquette as the rain comes in.

Algocape loading ore at LS&l.

7/21 - Scenes from DeTour Village and the Straits - Matt Lemon

American Valor passing De Tour Village and the bones of a old boat

American Valor makes smoke going into Lake Huron

A Bald eagle and 1000 footer under Mackinac Bridge

7/21 - St. Clair River traffic - Matt Lemon

Edward L Ryerson passing Stag Island. Sunday morning

American Fortitude and Ryerson meet at Lambton Hydro plant

Robert S Pierson and Ryerson meet in front of St Clair

7/21 - Historical Perspective - Buffalo 1940's - Brian Wroblewski
Looking down the Buffalo River towards the North Entrance above Michigan Street. Eleven lake boats can be seen including the Canadiana at her dock. Here is a short list of places in the photo that no longer exist: The Dakota Elevator, South Michigan St. Bridge, Ranahan & McCarthy Dock, New York Central Freight House, DL&W Terminal passenger station, DL&W Coal Pier Car Dumper, New York State Barge Canal Terminal, Lehigh Valley Train Terminal & Train Shed, Evans Ship Canal, & Evans Elevator. You can also see the Auditorium with the original roof line and Art-deco facade, the old arrangement of the North Entrance Channel's breakwalls, The old Buffalo Main Entrance Lighthouse, The old Erie Basin breakwall, and last but not least, notice that the Skyway hasn't been built yet.


7/21 - Nordic Helsinki in the Welland Canal - Bob Dowson



7/20 - Sarnia traffic - George Wharton

CSL Tadoussac approaching the Lake Huron Cut Buoys.

Making the turn into the St. Clair River

Montrealais upbound under the Bluewater Bridges

Bow with the Canadian flag

Herbert C. Jackson upbound under the Bluewater Bridges

Bow with the U.S. flag

American Mariner approaching the Lake Huron Cut Buoys.

Making the turn into the river.

Marlene Green entering the St. Clair River

Passing the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

Stern view approaching the Bluewater Bridges

Federal Power upbound above the Bluewater Bridges

Stern view into Lake Huron

7/20 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Diamond Belle

Another view

Lake Erie upbound in the Fighting Island Channel

Stern view

Tug Salvor and barge Lamberts Spirit unloading steel slabs at Nicholson's Ecorse Dock.

Tug Salvor

Stern view of the pair

Tug Salvor stern view

American Fortitude downbound off Great Lakes Works, Ecorse

Stern view

Dredge Buxton II working just above the Detroit River Light

Another view

Day light view

Barge C 1602 and Patricia Hoey at Nicholson's.

Patricia Hoey

Federal Katsura upbound at Mama Juda Shoal, Fighting Island Channel.

Stern view

"Check down for the water intake".

7/20 - Dutch Runner downbound at Prescott Ont. - Murray Blancher


7/20 - Canadian Transfer at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

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