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July 22-23-24, 2008

7/24 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Calumet outbound at the Lake State Railway Bridge

Another view

Calumet passing the CSL Tadoussac at the Essroc Dock

CSL Tadoussac, Calumet, and tour boat Princess Wenona

CSL Tadoussac close up

7/24 - Edwin Gott and Roger Blough in Lake Superior. - Dianne Donati

Roger Blough at Whitefish Point

Edwin Gott at Whitefish Point

Blough after overtaking the Gott

7/24 - Maumee in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Maumee slowly coming in

Passing the Lighthouse

Swinging out the boom

Unloading stone

7/24 - Marquette scenes - Lee Rowe

Tug BeeJay and barge unloading after doing dredging around the harbor.

John J. Boland waiting to load ore.

Ongoing work on the ore dock

7/24 - Buffalo down bound in the Detroit River near Bollard's Reef - Mike Nicholls



7/23 - Marneborg enters Iroquois Lock on her first ever trip into the Great Lakes. - Ron Beaupre


7/22 - Algocape in Marquette - Rod Burdick



7/22 - Recent Ship Traffic on the St. Clair River - John McCreery

Saginaw in at Sombra to unload

Bringing the lines ashore

Philip R Clarke downbound

Robert S Pierson upbound at Recors

American Fortitude in ballast passing the loaded Edward L Ryerson

The Pierson entering Lake Huron at Point Edward

The Hollyhock just after leaving her dock headed downriver

Hollyhock passing Algomarine as the latter approaches Imperial Oil

Avenger IV at the Sidney Smith Dock

Manistee passing the John B Aird

Manistee upbound at the Black River

Capt Henry Jackman headed to Imperial Oil as the Peter R Cresswell heads downriver

7/22 - Atlantic Huron passes Mariatown's Duncan Park loaded with ore from Sept Iles to Nanticoke. -
Ron Beaupre



7/22 - Detroit area traffic - Mike Nicholls

Calumet downbound off the Great Lakes Works, River Rouge

Stern view

Friendship downbound in the Trenton Channel off of BASF

Whistler (Hong Kong) unloading coke at Nicholson's Ecorse.

Stern view

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