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July 25 - 26, 2008


Point Edward July 25 - Marc Dease

1-away-7-25-08-md.jpg (79901 bytes)
Algoway upbound at buoys 1 & 2
2-queb-7-25-08-md.jpg (58675 bytes)
Quebecois downbound at buoys 1 & 2
3-jrb-7-25-08-md.jpg (77476 bytes)
James R. Barker downbound
4-prt-7-25-08-md.jpg (73442 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha heads into Lake Huron
5-tran-7-25-08-md.jpg (72471 bytes)
Canadian Transfer follows the Tregurtha into Lake Huron
7-jgm-7-25-08-md.jpg (56390 bytes)
John G. Munson downbound
8-mani-7-25-08-md.jpg (49904 bytes)
Manistee downbound above buoys 1 & 2
9-ojib-7-25-08-md.jpg (57749 bytes)
Ojibway downbound
6-ihar-7-25-08-md.jpg (82808 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound at buoys 1 & 2

Lake St Clair and Windmill Pointe Traffic
- Alex and Max Mager

6-Ryerson-7-25-08-AM.jpg (62651 bytes)
Ryerson downbound

5-Ryerson-7-25-08-AM.jpg (77914 bytes)
Another View
3-Ryerson-7-25-08-AM.jpg (85232 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson upbound
1-Norris-7-25-08-AM.jpg (92354 bytes)
James Norris at Windmill Pointe
11-Mesabi-7-25-08-AM.jpg (66896 bytes)
Mesabi Miner
12-Mesabi-7-25-08-AM.jpg (74388 bytes)
Headed toward Detroit
9-IHarbor-7-25-08-AM.jpg (68167 bytes)
Indiana Harbor Profile at Windmill Pointe
10-IHarbo-7-25-08-AM.jpg (81566 bytes)
4-McCarth-7-25-08-AM.jpg (48000 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy Jr in Lake St Clair
7-Jackman-7-25-08-AM.jpg (81423 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman in Lake St Clair
8-Jackman-7-25-08-AM.jpg (63172 bytes)
Bow View


Recent activity on the Detroit River July 24
- Chuck Wagner

1-MarTrdr-7-23-08-cw.jpg (89020 bytes)
Maritime Trader with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.
2-MarTrdr-7-23-08-cw.jpg (86697 bytes)
Downbound from Thunder Bay to Sorel with a load of flax seed.
3-AlgMar-7-24-08-cw.jpg (80283 bytes)
Algomarine waiting for the Indiana Harbor to pass before turning around in the river.
4-IndHbr-7-24-08-cw.jpg (73764 bytes)
Indiana Harbor downbound to the Monroe power plant with a partial load of coal from MERC. 
5-IndHbr-7-24-08-cw.jpg (76870 bytes)
Crew enjoying the weather out on the starboard bridge wing and the two aft swings.
6-EdRyer-7-24-08-cw.jpg (65899 bytes)
Edward L. Ryerson upbound to load at the BNSF dock in Superior.
7-EdRyer-7-24-08-cw.jpg (81564 bytes)
Mesabi Miner passing the Ryerson.
8-MesMnr-7-24-08-cw.jpg (84135 bytes)
Downbound with pellets loaded in Duluth for the steel mill in Nanticoke.

Recent Marquette visitors
- Fred Swartz

1-Michipicoten-7-24-08-djw.jpg (92146 bytes)
 Michipicoten loading
2-Michipicoten-7-23-08-djw.jpg (86061 bytes) 3-pierson-7-24-08-djw.jpg (99598 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson loading
4-pierson-7-24-08-djw.jpg (91930 bytes)  

Recent Marquette Activity
- Rod Burdick


- Luke Archer

1_AMar_7_15_08_rb.jpg (93660 bytes)
American Mariner loading ore
2_CL_7_18_08b_rb.jpg (97021 bytes)
Canadian Leader, bow view
  1-KEBarker-7-25-07-la.jpg (80062 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker unloading coal

Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk

Federal Power Mariatown
  - Douglas Kolish

1-play-7-25-08-es.jpg (148520 bytes)
Playfair and antique cars outside the Marine & Rail Museum in Owen Sound
    1-federalpower-23-07-08-dk.jpg (52912 bytes)
Federal Power
2-federalpower-23-07-08-dk.jpg (65844 bytes)

Tug Gregory J. Busch & barge loading at Stoneport
- Ben & Chanda McClain



1.-Grgbsh-7-25-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (113552 bytes)
2.-Grgbsh-7-25-08-BC-Mcl.jpg (85428 bytes)
Close up of tug

Duluth, MN Wednesday evening
- Travis Chadwick

sailboats.jpg (160935 bytes)
Sailboaters heading out for the Wed. night races
sailandfooter.jpg (59060 bytes)
Waiting as the American Integrity passes
crewwave.jpg (56017 bytes)
Crewmembers on the American Integrity with a friendly wave to the crowd
amerint.jpg (77801 bytes)
American Integrity heading for Silver Bay with coal- the Captain blew three salutes

Detroit Traffic July 24 -
Mike Nicholls

AMERICANREPUBLICb01072408mn.jpg (44962 bytes)
American Republic downbound at Fighting Island South Light.
AMERICANREPUBLICs02072408mn.jpg (41218 bytes) CORNELIUSADAMEb04072408mn.jpg (39418 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius downbound in the Ballards Reef Channel.
CORNELIUSADAMEs05072408mn.jpg (40457 bytes)  

St. Clair River May 3, 2008 -
Photo by the late Jerry Kirsch

1-Algorail-5-3-08-JK.jpg (50064 bytes)
Algorail down bound in St. Clair River at Lambton, CA with rainbow over ship

Marquette July 24
- Lee Rowe

MichipicotenLR072408002.jpg (100794 bytes)
Michipicoten at the dock, soon after arriving.
MichipicotenLR072408004.jpg (53258 bytes)
Michipicoten loaded and leaving three hours later.

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