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July 27 - 28, 2008


Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls

MUNSONSAGINAWs21072508mn.jpg (40489 bytes)
John G Munson downbound off Mistersky's passing the Saginaw at Sterling Fuels.

SAGINAWMUNSONb24072508mn.jpg (40428 bytes)
MUNSONJOHNGs22072508mn.jpg (41807 bytes) MUNSONJOHNGb19072508mn.jpg (45724 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb09072508mn.jpg (36597 bytes) CRESSWELLPETERRb08072508mn.jpg (41047 bytes)
Peter R Cresswell unloading at St. Marys Cement in the Rouge River.
DIAMONDJACKb13072508mn.jpg (58304 bytes)
Diamond Jack upbound passing the Mistersky Power Plant in Detroit.
DIAMONDJACKs14072508mn.jpg (51963 bytes) STECLAIREb02072508mn.jpg (55125 bytes)
Ste Claire in Nicholson's slip.

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

1-busch-7-27-08-ts-a.jpg (66296 bytes)
Gregory J. Busch upbound clear of Veteran's Memorial Bridge
2-busch-7-27-08-ts-b.jpg (59537 bytes)
Another view
3-busch-7-27-08-ts-c.jpg (70268 bytes)
Close up of the Busch

Welland Canal Traffic
- Bob Dowson

6-canent-07-27-08-bd.jpg (79514 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise downbound at Lock 4
1-queb-07-26-08-bd.jpg (81083 bytes)
Quebecois leaving Lock 3
2-quebecois-07-26-08-bd.jpg (81300 bytes)
Quebecois with Ziemia Cieszynska at Lock 3
3-ziemia-07-26-08-bd.jpg (63901 bytes)
Ziemia Cieszynska
4-ziemia-07-26-08-bd.jpg (82046 bytes)
Ziemia Cieszynska entering Lock 4
8-fedash-07-27-08-bd.jpg (82671 bytes)
Federal Asahi upbound Lock 2
1-bbcelbe-07-27-08-bd.jpg (83816 bytes)
BBC Elbe upbound at Lock 1
2-bbcelbe-07-27-08-bd.jpg (84434 bytes)
Entering Lock 1
5-lakeguardian-07-26-08-bd.jpg (81584 bytes)
Lake Guardian upbound at Lock 3
6-lakeguard-07-26-08-bd.jpg (94011 bytes)
Laske Guardian entering Lock 3
3-mckeesons-07-27-08-bd.jpg (85034 bytes)
McKee Sons at Thorold

Menominee and Marinette
- Dick Lund

1-MG-07-26-08-dl.jpg (83139 bytes)
The Marlene Green passes the Viking I on Saturday heading to the KK Integrated Logistics East Dock
2-USSF-07-27-08-dl.jpg (65143 bytes)
Smoke is up on the USS Freedom on Sunday morning. Sea Trials are scheduled to begin Monday.

Lakes visitors in Antwerp - Chris Rombouts

ZiemiaTer-26-8-08-cr1.jpg (118905 bytes)
Ziemia Tarnowska. Here she is seen discharging some of her cargo directly into Barges.
FedRideau-26-8-08-cr3.jpg (95013 bytes)
Federal Rideau arrived in Antwerp on the 26th of July
FedRideau-26-8-08-cr1.jpg (98556 bytes)
She is seen entering the Boudewijnlock with assistance of the tug Anton V
FedRideau-26-8-08-cr2.jpg (83922 bytes)    

Traffic from Québec
- Michel St-Denis

2-DutchRun-21708msd.jpg (95427 bytes) 3-DutchRun-21708msd.jpg (85706 bytes) 5-DutchRun-21708msd.jpg (83447 bytes) 9-Cap-Leon-21708msd.jpg (103662 bytes)
Suezmax Tanker 'Cap Leon' help by 'le Groupe Ocean Tugs in preparation to leave the Ultramar terminal at St. Romuald
8-Cap-Leon-21708msd.jpg (97636 bytes) 7-Cap-Leon-21708msd.jpg (112007 bytes)
6-Cap-Leon-21708msd.jpg (89483 bytes) 10-Cap-Leon-21708msd.jpg (78796 bytes)
smoke of the the departure
1-Algoisle-21-7-08-msd.jpg (65556 bytes)      

Hammond Bay Fish Tugs
- Danny Hecko

100_0442.jpg (129178 bytes)
E.H. Lablance
100_0462.jpg (116857 bytes)
R.C. Anderson

- Ron Beaupre

1-sichem-24-07-08-rb.jpg (80305 bytes)
Sichem Onomichi entering the lock at Iroquois.
2-ziemia-25-07-08-rb.jpg (54343 bytes)
Ziemia Cieszynska of the Polsteam Line passing Mariatown upbound for the lakes.

- Ian McLauchlan

SamLaud-7-13-08-im.jpg (60262 bytes)
Sam Laud was downbound off Rotary Park on July 13 heading to Zug Island with a cargo of iron ore.
Lehmann-7-12-08-im.jpg (75847 bytes)
Hans Lehmann was upbound on July 12.

Prescott Ontario
- Murray Blancher

1-Algomarine-26-07-08-mb-jp.jpg (80300 bytes)
Algomarine downbound at Prescott
2-Algomarine-26-07-08-mb-jp.jpg (49453 bytes) 3-Algomarine-26-07-08-mb-jp.jpg (44483 bytes) 4-Algomarine-26-07-08-mb-jp.jpg (82258 bytes)
Passing the Battle of the Windmill  site
5-Algomarine-26-07-08-mb-jp.jpg (109578 bytes)
Unloading at the port of Prescott

Toledo -
- Bob Vincent

4-saginaw,7-25-08,bv.jpg (70742 bytes)
Saginaw backing from Midwest Terminal of Toledo International Dock
5-saginaw,7-25-08,bv,2.jpg (54648 bytes)
Saginaw starting her turn in the turn basin, oats dusk
6-saginaw,7-25-08,bv,3.jpg (99785 bytes)
Saginaw heading out
7-Prarieland,7-25-08,bv.jpg (90623 bytes)
Geo Gradel Co. Tug Prarieland with barge #32
8-Pioneerland,7-25-08,bv.jpg (126047 bytes)
Geo. Gradel Co. Tug Pioneerland with barge #29
3-kandrie,7-25-08,bv.jpg (87799 bytes)
Tug Karen Andrie with barge A-397 leaving Toledo
1-jjboland,7-25-08,bv.jpg (65319 bytes)
John J. Boland backing under coal rig
2-jjboland,7-25-08,bv,1.jpg (110821 bytes)
Putting man on the wall

Edward L. Ryerson upbound at Port Huron
- Edward Schuyler

1.-E.L.Ryerson-7-24-08-ES-J.jpg (76438 bytes) 2.-E.L.Ryerson-7-24-08-ES-J.jpg (33747 bytes)        

Race boats in St. Clair on 7-26 - Violet Bostwick

IMG_0042.jpg (117960 bytes) IMG_0048.jpg (125602 bytes) IMG_0061.jpg (130246 bytes) IMG_0062.jpg (144896 bytes) IMG_0071.jpg (147221 bytes) IMG_0075.jpg (129207 bytes)

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