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July 29, 2008


USS Freedom Begins Sea Trials - Dick Lund

1-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (73478 bytes)
Tugs Jimmy L (stern) and Jacquelyn Nicole have lines aboard the USS Freedom shortly after 10 a.m.
3-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (82164 bytes)
At 2 p.m. the tow finally gets underway
4-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (76573 bytes)
The tugs turn the LCS-1 around in the turning basin down-river from Marinette Marine
5-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (67969 bytes)
Turn is complete and the tow heads for the Ogden Street Bridge
6-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (119100 bytes)
The tow is led down-river by armed USCG craft
7-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (81012 bytes)
The tow approaches the bridge
8-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (55426 bytes)
Crewmembers enjoy the trip down-river
9-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (55113 bytes)
More crew line the stern
10-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (70250 bytes)
Stern view of the tow after passing through the bridge
11-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (94819 bytes)
A large crowd watches the tow at the lighthouse pier
12-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (56660 bytes)
Smoke billows from the USS Freedom as the tugs cut it loose at the lighthouse
13-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (64549 bytes)
Stern view of the USS Freedom as the smoke clears beyond
14-LCS-07-28-08-dl.jpg (62169 bytes)
The USS Freedom makes its first solo voyage
2-MG-07-28-08-dl.jpg (72290 bytes)
Around 12:30 p.m. the Jimmy L drops its lines and heads to assist the Marlene Green out of port

Sarnia / Point Edward - Marc Dease

1-asoo-7-27-08-md.jpg (46437 bytes)
Algosoo undergoing unspecified repairs in the north slip at Point Edward, July 27
2-asoo-7-28-08-a-md.jpg (73013 bytes)
Tug Menasha assists the Algosoo out of the north slip.
3-asoo-7-28-08-b-md.jpg (65238 bytes)
Menasha pushes the bow of the Algosoo
4-asoo-7-28-08-c-md.jpg (77181 bytes)
Algosoo heads downbound after departing the north slip
5-mena-7-28-08-md.jpg (88070 bytes)
Menasha heads back to the Government dock in Sarnia
6-ojib-7-28-08-md.jpg (79343 bytes)
Ojibway loads at the elevator in Sarnia, July 28

Soo July 26 - Blake Kishler

1-Ind-Harbor-7-26-08-bk.jpg (94728 bytes)
Indiana Harbor entering the Poe Lock upbound
2-Mississagi-7-26-08-bk.jpg (90093 bytes)
Mississagi downbound with a coal load in the MacArthur lock
3-Mississagi-7-26-08-bk.jpg (108329 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson in the Poe Lock approach behind the Mississagi
7-Anderson-7-26-08-bk.jpg (56930 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound at West Pier, heading to Conneaut with ore
8-Anderson-7-26-08-bk.jpg (57253 bytes)
Bow profile against a darkening sky
4-Am-Century-7-26-08-bk.jpg (114616 bytes)
American Century and Soo Locks tour boat Bide-a-Wee at West Pier
5-Am-Century-7-26-08-bk.jpg (67454 bytes)
Stern view
6-Jackson-7-26-08-bk.jpg (67028 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson in the Rock Cut

Detroit - John Meyland

1-Hjackson-7-27-08-jm-a.jpg (113144 bytes)
Herbert C Jackson about to receive mail

Sunday St. Clair River Traffic
- Tom Welles

DSC00441.jpg (51020 bytes)
Kaye Barker, downbound at Salt Dock
DSC00443.jpg (67922 bytes)
Barker & Hollyhock passing the Salt Dock
DSC00442.jpg (61668 bytes) DSC00436.jpg (58192 bytes)
Hollyhock Up-bound at Harsens Island,  Fast Response Boat heading for Gull Island, report of a sinking pleasure boat.

Recent Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay traffic (Sunday and Monday) - Matt Ludvigson

1-SMConq-7-28-08-ml.jpg (30624 bytes)
St. Mary's Conquest at dock
2-Alpena-7-28-08-ml.jpg (45737 bytes)
Alpena at LaFarge, Green Bay
3-Pathfinder-7-28-08-ml.jpg (89005 bytes)
Pathfinder at Bay Ship
4-DorothyA-7-28-08-ml.jpg (70181 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Petrochem Producer at Bay Ship
5-unknown-7-28-08-ml.jpg (97368 bytes)
What appears to be a new tug
in the making at Bay Ship

St. Clair River - Frank Frisk

BWORA-B-563-(4992-x-3328).jpg (116486 bytes) BWORA-B-568-(4992-x-3328).jpg (72927 bytes) BWORA-A-086.jpg (87601 bytes) BWORA-A-080.jpg (76107 bytes)    

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