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July 30 - 31,  2008


Port Huron - Bruce Hurd

LATregurtha7-30-08bh.jpg (78762 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha upbound
Innovation7-30-08bh.jpg (68115 bytes)
Barge Innovation and Tug Samuel De Champlain upbound
Duc2-7-30-08bh.jpg (104264 bytes)
Sarnia tour boat Duc D'Orleans II downbound
AmCour(1)-7-30-08bh.jpg (77140 bytes)
American Courage Upbound
AmCour(2)7-30-08bh.jpg (98396 bytes)  

Seaway -
Kent Malo


Holland -
Dale Rosema

DSC06252.jpg (103001 bytes)
Yacht Battered Bull
  1-Sykes-7-6-2008-DTR.jpg (127975 bytes)
Sykes at Verplanks

Offshore powerboat races on the St. Clair River July 27
- Rob Butler

1-boat565-7-27-08-rb.jpg (66189 bytes)
Raceboat passing the St. Clair Riverfest carnival in the distance.
6-geico2-7-27-08-rb.jpg (55668 bytes)
The Miss Geico thrills fans on shore and aboard the Grayfox.
5-geico1-7-27-08-rb.jpg (46230 bytes)
3500 horsepower at work
4-bandit-7-27-08-rb.jpg (58239 bytes)
Offshore tunnel hull boat.
3-wazzup-7-27-08-rb.jpg (62795 bytes)
Boats ran the long course during the second race.
2-boat512-7-27-08-rb.jpg (94241 bytes)
Boats rounding the short course marker during the first race.

Point Edward - Marc Dease

2-prc-7-29-08-md.jpg (58435 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke down bound July 29.
4-aird-7-29-08-md.jpg (59268 bytes)
John B. Aird making the turn at Buoys 1 & 2
3-amint-7-29-08-md.jpg (67516 bytes)
American Integrity heads into Lake Huron, July 29
1-ojib-7-28-08-md.jpg (51227 bytes)
Ojibway almost finished loading at the elevator in Sarnia, July 28

Detroit -
Mike Nicholls

CORNELIUSADAMEb18072708mn.jpg (33420 bytes)
Adam E Cornelius upbound in the Hennepin Channel.
COLUMBIAs06072608mn.jpg (57378 bytes)
Columbia in Nicholson's Slip.
FEDERALPATRIOTs04072708mn.jpg (42189 bytes)
Federal Patriot unloading at DMT2.
FEDERALPATRIOTb10072708mn.jpg (43126 bytes) YANKCANUCKb08072608mn.jpg (38577 bytes)
Yankcanuck unloading steel slabs at Nicholson Terminal & Dock Co. 7/26
YANKCANUCKs09072608mn.jpg (46395 bytes)
THEKLAb20072708mn.jpg (35460 bytes)
Thekla upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

HALIFAXb22072708mn.jpg (39023 bytes)
Halifax upbound at the Livingstone Crossing.

Brig Niagara in the St. Marys River -
Chuck Parker
On July 26th 2008 the tall ship Brig Niagara was passing upbound at buoy 34 on her way to the Soo and then onto Duluth when she paused to allow the Stewart J Cort to pass, they saluted and continued on their way. 

Cort-Brig-Niagara-1.jpg.jpg (97747 bytes) CortNiagara3.jpg (90746 bytes) Cort-Brig-Niagara2.jpg (41032 bytes)      

Welland Canal-
Bill Bird

2-EnglishRiver-7-29-08-bb.jpg (63118 bytes)
English River clear of Lock One
3-EnglishRiverSichemOnomich.jpg (73420 bytes)
English River and Sichem Onomichi meeting between Locks 1 and 2
5-FederalPatriot-7-29-08-bb.jpg (102287 bytes)
Federal Patriot being held in Lock 4 because of traffic
1-SichemOnomichi-7-29-08bb-.jpg (89029 bytes)
Sichem Onomichi approaching Homer Bridge
4-Isa-7-29-08-bb.jpg (92106 bytes)
Isa underneath Glendale Avenue Bridge on its way to Lock 3
6-Mississagi-7-29-08.jpg (75076 bytes)
Mississagi clearing Lock 1  

Welland Canal -
Alex Howard

Sichem-Onomichi1.jpg (96536 bytes)
Sichem Onomichi departs lock 4
Sichem-Onomichi-2.jpg (124617 bytes) Sichem-Onomichi-3-ah-c.jpg (196579 bytes)
stern view passing under Glendale bridge
Sichem-Onomichi4b.jpg (132174 bytes) Sichem-Onomichi5-.jpg (171305 bytes)  

Erie, Pa Shipyard -
Hugh Gillett

Schick-Shack-033.jpg (98723 bytes)
Shipyard and stone dock
Schick-Shack-037.jpg (122106 bytes)
1000' drydock with 1/2 under cover
Schick-Shack-030.jpg (104860 bytes)
James L. Kuber at stone dock
pineglen027.jpg (124390 bytes)
Pineglen in drydock



Soo -
Tom Thelen

1-Ryerson-7-25-08-tt.jpg (121002 bytes)
Edward Ryerson entering MacArthur Lock on July 25
2-Ryerson-7-25-08-tt.jpg (55101 bytes)
These 'pirates' gave a full salute to the crowd before leaving
3-Ryerson-7-25-08-tt.jpg (128887 bytes)
Ryerson leaving MacArthur Lock as Coast Guard boat waits to enter
4-JohnAird-7-25-08-tt.jpg (157171 bytes)
Coast Guard entering MacArthur Lock with John B. Aird in Poe
5-JohnAird-7-25-08-tt.jpg (79034 bytes)
John B. Aird leaving Poe after crew also gave full salute
6-KBarker-7-26-08-tt.jpg (89044 bytes)
Kaye Barker entering Poe Lock on July 26
7-KBarker-7-26-08-tt.jpg (90430 bytes)
Kaye Barker departing while Rt. Hon. Paul Martin waits to enter Poe
8-Cort-7-26-08-tt.jpg (85599 bytes)
Stewart Cort is next in line to enter the Poe after Rt. Hon Paul Martin
9-LkeErie-7-26-08-tt.jpg (119684 bytes)
Lake Erie entering MacArthur as Cort enters the Poe
10-Beghly-7-26-08-tt.jpg (79773 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly was next in the Poe after the Cort.
11-Vosbrg-7-26-08-tt.jpg (117869 bytes)
Vossborg entering the MacArthur

Marquette -
Rod Burdick

2_rsp_7_23_08_rb.jpg (110586 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson, stern view at the ore dock
1_jjb_7_22_08_rb.jpg (100160 bytes)
John J. Boland unloading stone at the Lower Harbor

Buffalo -
Brian W.
The Barbara Andrie-A-397 tug barge was ready to depart the Noco Product Terminal at 7 p.m. Monday evening. Below are two rare pictures of the pair in the Tonawanda Channel.

1-Barbara-Andrie-7-29-08-BW.jpg (119541 bytes)
Barbara Andrie in the notch of her asphalt barge A-390 in the Niagara River as seen from the South Grand Island Bridge. The tug Washington is standing by just off the Port bow to take a line from the barge and begin the tow to the Black Rock lock. Workmen on the barge are just getting the aft pipe manifolds secured from the unloading pier.
  2-Barbara-Andrie-7-29-08-BW.jpg (82764 bytes)
The barge A-390 has been hooked up to the Washington and the tow is about to get underway from the Noco Product Terminal to head upriver through the Tonawanda Channel.

Tug Islay -
Greg Stamatelakys

P7260003.jpg (71030 bytes) P7260002.jpg (100917 bytes)        

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