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August 4, 2008


John G. Munson downbound at Port Huron - Ed Schuyler

1.-J.G.Munson--8-3-08-ES-JP.jpg (69309 bytes)
Passing the Huron Lightship
2.-J.G.Munson--8-3-08-ES-JP.jpg (62729 bytes)
Bow Profile
3.-J.G.Munson--8-3-08-ES-JP.jpg (72888 bytes)
Stern Profile
4.-J.G.Munson--8-3-08-ES-JP.jpg (72391 bytes)
Heading to Detroit with stone

Lee A. Tregurtha on the St. Clair River - Violet Bostwick

IMG_0104.jpg (61785 bytes) IMG_0113.jpg (80310 bytes) IMG_0139.jpg (67550 bytes) IMG_0161.jpg (105248 bytes) IMG_0162.jpg (89388 bytes)  

8/4 - Pictures of the tall ships visiting Duluth for the weekend of July 31st through August 4th - Travis Chadwick 

prideofbaltimore1.jpg (140472 bytes)
Flag raising on the Pride of Baltimore II
zeeto.jpg (89584 bytes)
Three masted schooner Zeeto
madeline1.jpg (198606 bytes) brigniagara1.jpg (203570 bytes)
Bow of Brig Niagara with Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in background
bridgeniagara2.jpg (100614 bytes)
Brig Niagara
prideofbaltimore2.jpg (75989 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore II

8/4 - A week at the Sault. Here are some photos from the week
- Stephen Hause

1-Americanvalor-8-3-08-sh.jpg (59492 bytes)
Downbound American Valor meeting the upbound Mesabi Miner
2-Algoisle-8-3-08-sh.jpg (85547 bytes)
Algoisle, upbound approaching Mission Point
3-LTregurtha-8-3-08-sh.jpg (50303 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha, upbound at Mission Point
4-Mesabiminer-8-3-08-sh-a.jpg (73569 bytes)
Mesabi Miner, downbound on its return trip
5-Mesabiminer-8-3-08-sh-b.jpg (66899 bytes)
Mesabi Miner meets upbound Canadian Enterprise
6-Lakeerie-8-3-08-sh.jpg (81463 bytes)
Lake Erie, downbound at the Rock Cut
7-Vossborg-8-3-08-sh.jpg (79635 bytes)
Vossborg, downbound at Mission Point
8-PRTregurtha-8-3-08-sh.jpg (102794 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha, approaching Mission Point
9-Mccarthy-8-3-08-sh.jpg (48119 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. meeting fleetmate Indiana Harbor below Mission Point on a hazy morning
10-Michipicoten-8-3-08-sh.jpg (131534 bytes)
Michipicoten, upbound, returning to Algoma Steel with a load of stone
11-TimDool-8-3-08-sh.jpg (78691 bytes)
Tim S. Dool, former Algoville, downbound
12-Yankcanuck-8-3-08-sh.jpg (79805 bytes)
Yankcanuck, upbound at Mission Point
13-JThompson-8-3-08-sh.jpg (101712 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson, downbound at Mission Point
15-Cort-8-3-08-sh-b.jpg (214483 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort, upbound
14-Cort-8-3-08-sh-a.jpg (62662 bytes)
A ship the size of the Cort displaces a lot of water
16-Cedarglen-8-3-08-sh.jpg (82025 bytes)
Cedarglen meets American Integrity

8/4 - Diamond Belle in Toledo in conjunction with the S.S. Willis B. Boyer and marine mart
- Luke Archer

1-DiamBelle-8-3-08-la.jpg (114098 bytes)
Diamond Belle departing
2-DiamBelle-8-3-08-la.jpg (90718 bytes)
Diamond Belle salutes the S.S. Willis B. Boyer and heads back to Detroit

St Lawrence River - Alexandria Bay -
Michael Folsom

1-Algontario-8-3-08-mf.jpg (60988 bytes)
Algontario upbound for Port Weller, ON
2-Algontario-8-3-08-mf.jpg (64912 bytes)
near the Boldt Castle power house
3-Algoisle-8-3-08-mf.jpg (120808 bytes)
Algoisle downbound for Quebec City with iron ore

Canadian Leader in Marquette
- Rod Burdick

1_cl_8_3_08_rb.jpg (117352 bytes)
Sunrise at the ore dock

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