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August 5, 2008


 8/5 - Lake St Clair and Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

1-Ryerson-8-4-08-AM.jpg (81208 bytes)
Edward L Ryerson at Windmill Pointe
2-RyeBol-8-4-08-AM.jpg (97338 bytes)
Passing the John J Boland
3-Boland-8-4-08-AM.jpg (79169 bytes)
Boland stern view
4-Ranger-8-4-08-AM.jpg (89002 bytes)
Canadian Ranger in Lake St Clair
5-Ranger-8-4-08-AM.jpg (66299 bytes)
Stern View
11-Spirit-8-4-08-AM.jpg (66286 bytes)
American Spirit
12-Spirit-8-4-08-AM.jpg (91337 bytes)
Stern Silhouette
13-SpiMcKe-8-4-08-AM.jpg (69936 bytes)
Spirit passing the McKee Sons
14-McKee-8-4-08-AM.jpg (80522 bytes)
McKee Sons
15-McKee-8-4-08-AM.jpg (82739 bytes)
Stern View
7-StClair-8-4-08-AM.jpg (70301 bytes)
8-StClair-8-4-08-AM.jpg (78392 bytes) 9-Fortitud-8-4-08-AM.jpg (69905 bytes) 10-Fortitu-8-4-08-AM.jpg (72421 bytes)      

8/5 - Welland Canal - Marc Dease 

5-lake-8-03-08-md.jpg (77746 bytes)
Algolake sliding into Lock 2, August 3
6-birc-8-03-08-md.jpg (73656 bytes)
Birchglen downbound Lock 3, August 3
7-hali-8-04-08-md.jpg (84847 bytes)
Halifax up bound about to enter Lock 4, August 4
8-cuya-8-04-08-md.jpg (71163 bytes)
Cuyahoga down bound above Lock 2,  August 4


8/5 - Fairport Harbor, Oh -  Bob Hunter

1-Kuber-8-2-08-rh.jpg (61680 bytes)
Trying to free herself from the sandbar
2-Kuber-8-2-08-rh.jpg (60428 bytes)
The Agawa Canyon goes to anchor out on the lake
3-Kuber-8-3-08-rh.jpg (92031 bytes)
Sunday morning she's freed and begins her unload at Carmeuse Limestone
4-Kuber-8-3-08-rh.jpg (37681 bytes)
 Agawa Canyon enters the harbor
1-Cresswll-8-4-08-rh.jpg (65142 bytes) 
Peter R Cresswell 8/4 taking on salt at the Morton Dock
2-Cresswell-8-4-08-rh.jpg (71179 bytes)
Night shot

8/5 - Marblehead/Sandusky - Dawn C. Roberts

1-Cleve-8-3-08-dcr.jpg (89760 bytes) 2-Cleve-8-3-08-dcr.jpg (123849 bytes) 3-SClair-8-3-08-dcr.jpg (68060 bytes) 4SClair-8-3-08-dcr.jpg (51248 bytes)    

8/5 - Port Huron - Ed Schuyler

1.-P.R.Clarke--8-4-08-ES-JP.jpg (64125 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke downbound
2.-P.R.Clarke-8-4-08-ES-JPG.jpg (89899 bytes)
Heading to Huron, Ohio with Stone from Stoneport, MI
3.-R.-Blough-8-04-08-ES-JPG.jpg (61810 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound
4.-R.-Blough-8-04-08-ES-JPG.jpg (62514 bytes)
Heading to Superior, WI

8/5 - Erie, Pa Activity - Dave Hoderny

lake-erie-006.jpg (122163 bytes) lake-erie-007.jpg (70158 bytes) lake-erie-012.jpg (89598 bytes) lake-erie-015.jpg (81108 bytes)    

8/5 - Welland Canal traffic August 1- 3 - Michel Gosselin

1-voss-8-1-08-mg-a.jpg (77266 bytes)
Vossborg lock 4 east
2-voss-8-1-08-mg-b.jpg (64907 bytes)
stern view
3-cape-8-3-08-mg.jpg (102511 bytes)
Cape Hurd & police boats tied up at wharf 18.1
4-mrs-8-3-08-mg.jpg (184884 bytes)
Mrs. C tied up at wharf 18.1
5-griff-8-3-08-mg-a.jpg (104827 bytes)
aft section of CCGS Ggriffon
6-griff-8-3-08-mg-b.jpg (202028 bytes)
bow section
7-chal-8-3-08-mg.jpg (138136 bytes)
Challenge going on a cruise
8-empi-8-3-08-mg.jpg (93843 bytes)
Empire Sandy going on a cruise
9-griff-8-3-08-mg-c.jpg (160554 bytes)
pilot house on CCGS Griffon
10-grif-8-3-08-mg-d.jpg (92583 bytes)
chart desk
11-edw-8-3-08-mg-a.jpg (179362 bytes)
Edward M. Cotter tied up at wharf 18.1
12-ang-8-3-08-mg.jpg (71931 bytes)
Anglian Lady heading toward bridge 21 with IMS in background
13-grif-8-3-08-mg-e.jpg (96317 bytes)
CCGS Griffon tied up at Wharf 18.1
14-algo-8-3-08-mg.jpg (78186 bytes)
Algocape heading toward Lake Erie
15-pro-8-3-08-mg.jpg (82174 bytes)
NRP Protector going toward Lake Erie
16-edw-8-3-08-mg-b.jpg (153885 bytes) 
One of the engines on Edward M. Cotter
17-edw-8-3-08-mg-c.jpg (133079 bytes)
 A Cotter pump
19-tall-8-4-08-mg.jpg (66223 bytes)
Empire Sandy, Royaliste, Challenge, Appledore V & St. Lawrence II
20-stl-8-4-08-mg.jpg (191595 bytes)
bow view of St. Lawrence II
21-app-8-4-08-mg.jpg (145497 bytes)
Bow view of Appledore V
22-roy-8-4-08-mg.jpg (154443 bytes)
Bow view of Royaliste
18-pet-8-3-08-mg.jpg (61794 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell passes by

8/5 - Toledo Marine Mart - Roger LeLievre

DiamondBelle8308rl.jpg (81060 bytes) DiamondBelle8308-2rl.jpg (99350 bytes) MarineMart-Tent.jpg (111703 bytes) MHSDFlag2LaMarre.jpg (84231 bytes) MHSDFlag1.jpg (80875 bytes)  

8/5 - Conneaut activity -
Al Endelmann

1-blough-pi8-3-08-ae.jpg (112457 bytes)
Roger Blough unloading & Presque Isle awaiting repairs at Conneaut Sunday

8/5 - Windmill Parts at Ogdensburg, NY. -
Stephen Richens  - Turbines are for Wolfe Island Wind Project at Ogdensburg lay down area.

2-belugaflirtation-07-31-20.jpg (104605 bytes)
Beluga Flirtation unloading Wind Turbine Parts
4-belugaflirtation-07-31-20.jpg (78975 bytes)
Beluga Flirtation shown in background. In foreground shows some of the wind turbine parts in lay down. Blades are seen just behind railroad cars. Cylinders behind the blades are tower sections. Nacelles can be seen on the wharf just in front of the building in front of the Beluga.

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