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August 6, 2008


Toledo Traffic - Mike Nicholls

STMARYSCEMENTb08080308mn.jpg (63757 bytes)
St Mary Cement and Petite Forte in Toledo
STMARYSCEMENTs01080308mn.jpg (56487 bytes) PETITEFORTEb06080308MN.jpg (68026 bytes) PETITEFORTEs05080308mn.jpg (68755 bytes) PRAIRIELANDb09080308MN.jpg (68814 bytes)
Prairieland at Gradel's Dock in Toledo
PIONEERLANDB10080308MN.jpg (65211 bytes)
Pioneerland in Toledo
GAYNORWILLIAMCb18080308mn.jpg (67913 bytes)
William C Gaynor at the Torco Dock
DetroitRiverLight28080308mn.jpg (36278 bytes)
Detroit River Light.
THOMPSONJOSHb27080308mn.jpg (36141 bytes)
Joseph H Thompson downbound at Detroit River Light.
THOMPSONJOSHs30080308mn.jpg (38499 bytes) PEREMARQUETTE10s14080308mn.jpg (36043 bytes)  

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls

CALUMETb01073108mn.jpg (36119 bytes)
Calumet upbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
BATTEREDBULLb04073108mn.jpg (45149 bytes)
Yacht Battered Bull (Cayman Islands) in Ojibway Anchorage.
BATTEREDBULLs05073108mn.jpg (41014 bytes) MISSISSAGIb07073108mn.jpg (41474 bytes)
Mississagi loading at Ojibway Salt.
MISSISSAGIs09073108mn.jpg (44679 bytes) LAKEERIEb11073108mn.jpg (43752 bytes)
Lake Erie (Marshall Islands) downbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
LAKEERIEs12073108mn.jpg (45241 bytes)          

USS Freedom sea trials - Andrew Constans

1-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (92880 bytes)
USS Freedom (LCS 1) firing up
2-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (101340 bytes)
Halfway turned in the channel
3-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (107704 bytes)
Lined up for the bridge
4-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (85100 bytes)
Half way through the bridge
5-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (79403 bytes) 6-Freedom-8-2-08-AC.jpg (57820 bytes)

Badger Friday night trip from Ludington to Manitowoc - Andrew Constans

1-badger-8-1-08-AC.jpg (52667 bytes)
Badger's LMC stack in the sunset
4-badger-8-1-08-AC.jpg (46256 bytes)
Starboard bridge wing with smoke trailing off.
2-badger-8-1-08-AC.jpg (26300 bytes)
Front flood light silhouetted in the sunset
3-badger-8-1-08-AC.jpg (81157 bytes)
Badger's pilothouse and a starry sky. Large radar is rotating.

Weekend Photos at Port Huron
Jon Paul Michaels

rblough-8-02-08-jpm.jpg (58151 bytes)
Roger Blough
2.cantransport-8-02-08-jpm..jpg (71276 bytes)
Canadian Transport
3.leeatregurtha-8-02-08-jpm.jpg (60485 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha (63377 bytes)
John G. Munson

Port Huron Tuesday - Bruce Hurd

asiaborg8-5-08bh.jpg (43113 bytes)
Asiaborg upbound for Duluth off Vantage Point
mckeesons8-5-08bh.jpg (69309 bytes)
McKee Sons upbound after unloading in Marysville
Amfortit8-5-08bh.jpg (69427 bytes)
American Fortitude upbound near the bridge
maumee8-5-08bh.jpg (71182 bytes)
Maumee downbound entering the St Clair River
amcent8-5-08bh.jpg (79425 bytes)
American Century downbound around 8 p.m.

Beaver Islander as she departs the Pine River Channel, Charlevoix MI.
  - Sean Whelan

Islander1.jpg (152335 bytes) Islander2.jpg (97574 bytes)

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